EcoTools 360 Ultimate Foundation Brushes are Your Face’s New Best Friends

EcoTools 360 Ultimate Foundation Brushes are Your Face's New Best Friends

Next to a good foundation, there’s nothing as important to achieving healthy-looking skin as a great foundation brush to blend the formula into your skin. Since I’m always on the go and most frequently do my makeup at red lights on the way to school drop-off, I carry my foundation brushes in the car. I recently had to replace my beloved IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 7 brush when I spotted this EcoTools 360 Ultimate Foundation Brush set in Target and figured I’d give it a try.

So today, we’re talking foundation brushes–why it’s worth investing in a good one, what to look for and how to take care of them.

Class is in session!

What to Look for in a Foundation Brush

What to Look for in a Foundation Brush

  • Densely-packed bristles, to make blending easier
  • A comfortable handle for good grip
  • Portability
  • Washable bristles (I clean mine after every use!)
  • Affordability
EcoTools 360 Ultimate Foundation Brushes - Why I Love These Brushes

Why I Love These Brushes

First and most importantly, you get a great blend with these brushes. These guys blend a liquid foundation right into the skin for a natural, dewy look.

I also love that they come in a set of three–one for foundation, one for creme blush, and the smallest for concealer, which means there’s no need to clean off the brush between foundation and creme blush or concealer. You’ve got one for each!

The handles are ergonomic and super soft to hold.

They’re 100% vegan, dermatologist-tested and the bristles are incredibly soft, too.

And best of all? The whole set is under $20!

EcoTools 360 Ultimate Foundation Brushes - The whole set is under $20!

How I Use Them

When using a brush for liquid foundation, I always apply a small amount of foundation to the back of my hand–about half the size of a dime–and then lightly dip the foundation brush into it, tap onto my skin, and buff in circles.

Applying foundation little by little in this way allows you to build up coverage to whatever level you prefer–from one layer for a light and natural look, to several layers for heavier coverage.

Lately I’m blending the shades Linen and Sand in this safe and great-coverage formula for days when I want more coverage. When it’s just SPF and a natural look I’m after, it’s always my MVP, Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage in Shade 2.

How to Care for Makeup Brushes

Although many makeup experts say it’s fine to clean brushes once weekly with some good soap (and I do that), I also like to do a light, brush-off clean each time I use them, when possible.

Take an unscented baby wipe and drag the bristles back and forth across it until it begins to wipe clean; or use this super affordable daily makeup brush cleaner from e.l.f. Just spray this on a paper towel or old rag, then wipe the brush back and forth across the wet spot until it’s clean.

How to Care for Makeup Brushes

So, If You’re in the Market…

If you’re looking for a budget option incredible foundation brush, I would absolutely give these a go. They’re well made, do the job right and also look great on your vanity.

Ecotools 360 foundation brush by Sonni Abatta


ecotools 360 foundation brush

What’s your favorite way to apply foundation? Have you ever tried brushes from EcoTools? Let me know in Comments below!

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