Episode 3: Facing Health Challenges, the Rise of Clean Beauty and Finding Purpose & Passion in Life

“Life is to be lived vibrantly every day.” –Indie Lee

Ten years ago, Lisa started losing her peripheral vision in her left eye. A visit to the doctor confirmed her worst fears: She had a brain tumor. Her doctor’s advice? Spend as much time as you can with your young kids, and hope for the best. Lisa emerged from that surgery not only healed, but also with a new outlook on life. She was going to start taking better care of herself and those around her with cleaner, more natural products. She also changed her name from Lisa to “Indie Lee,” for “Independent Lisa.”

Since then, Indie Lee, the skincare brand, has been picked up in hundreds of retailers worldwide and has also become a destination online for those curious about clean beauty and living better.

Hear more about the brand, the products, her advice for entrepreneurs and the amazing woman behind it!

In this episode, I talk about my favorite picks from the Indie Lee line. Here they are!

Purifying Face Wash

Active Oil-Free Moisturizer

100% Squalene Facial Oil

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