FattMerchant’s Suneera Madhani is the True Definition of Mom Boss

We all know that one woman who makes it look so easy. She’s working (either out of or in the home), she’s raising a family, and she’s looking incredible–somehow–while doing it all. Oh, and in this case, she’s also the founder and CEO of an industry-leading company. (Whaaaaat?!) Well, meet Suneera Madhani, who is the definition of “mom boss.”

I got the chance to interview Suneera about everything in her life–from her industry-leading company, to her 2 girls (one baby is just a few months old!), and what it’s like to work your way to the top with a whole lot of grit.

You’ve got to hear Suneera describe in her own words what it was like to build up FattMerchant from the ground up. But in the meantime, here are a few lessons I’ve learned from interviewing her that I think are applicable in any field.

What I Learned from a True Mom Boss


Sometimes, It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think of Your Idea

Sure, it’s always good to get industry experts’ thoughts on your plans, but their opinions aren’t the end-all-be-all.

Suneera brought her ideas for changing the payment processing industry to her then-bosses, who then proceeded to laugh in her face. Can you imagine how that must have felt?

Still, she pursued her business idea and changed the rules just enough to revolutionize the industry. And now, she’s at the top.

You Can Make the Status Quo Better

Don’t be discouraged by people who tell you that change isn’t necessary, or that there’s no room for improvement in the field about which you’re passionate. Chances are, if you see a “pain point” in the field, you have been at it long enough to recognize what the industry needs. And fresh perspectives can change everything.

She saw a need for modernization, better technology, and more transparency in the payment processing industry.

She started in 2014 with a tiny team and a whole lot of hard work, and now she’s got a thriving team and a dedicated working space in downtown Orlando that inspires all sorts of office envy in me. (Look no further than her Instagram account to see why–team building, office pep rallies, and tons of smiles.)

By now, she’s raised more than $200 million in venture capital, their business processes over $2 billion in payments, and the company continues to grow.

You’re Going to Answer the Question ‘How Do You Do It All?!’… a LOT

I hate to say it–and most people don’t like hearing it–but women still do most of the “kid stuff” even when they’re working full time. (Don’t blame me; blame The Man.)

No matter your views on whether that’s a positive or negative thing, you should know that when you’re a working mom, lots of people are going to ask you how you do it, even though they probably won’t ask your male partner.

The truth is, we are all fascinated with the construct of the Woman Who Has and Does It All, even though I’m thoroughly convinced she doesn’t exist. (If she does, she’s hanging out with The Tooth Fairy and Bigfoot.)

The truth that I’ve come back to time and time again–and that seems to be validated by successful women like Suneera–is that we can have all, or most, of what we want, but most certainly not at the same time. Suneera talks about what it’s like to divide her time between her business baby and her real babies, and it’s so refreshing to hear a professional woman admit that it’s okay to fumble once in a while.

That’s all for the recap! …You know what I’m going to say next: Tune into the podcast to hear the whole interview! 😉 I promise, you’ll leave feeling inspired!

Check it out and subscribe here! (When you see the Podcast page come up, just click “View in iTunes” and Subscribe from there.) It’s also embedded below for quick listening.

As always, so grateful for all of you out there who are listening and commenting! Stay inspired!


2 thoughts on “FattMerchant’s Suneera Madhani is the True Definition of Mom Boss”

  1. Kristen Wenderfer

    She is a true inspiration! I really enjoyed hearing the story of a fellow working Mother making her dreams a reality. Keep these great podcasts coming Sonni!

  2. Thanks so much, Kristen! Yes, she is a real go-getter. So inspiring to talk with other incredible women! xoxo More podcasts to come!

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