For All the Mamas in the Room

For All the Mamas inspiration

AAAAAH WTF *@#$%%amp;*#!!!!

That, friends, is the collective scream of all the parents… across the whole damn world… added up over the past damn five months… who are all very much at their damn wits’ ends.

These streets are mean, and the kids–bless their tiny little hearts as they enjoy what they perceive to be nothing more than an extended summer vacation–have no idea how trying this season is for their moms and dads. And it’s trying. I feel you.

For All the Mamas in the Room

Parenting isn’t easy. It never was. But here’s one thing I’m sure if, even in the eye of this shitstorm we’re calling COVID: We will get through this. We got this.

We’re in deep, but we’re in deep together, my friends.

That fact alone saves me most days. In the moments when the anxiety is piling up, or I’ve had my fifth outburst of the day, or I can’t decide for the life of me what the hell to do about sending the kids back to school, that’s what I remind myself of. I am not alone. And neither are you.

It’s hardly sage advice, but it’s a reminder we need. When little else is certain, we need a reminder sometimes of what very much still concretely is.

And our togetherness? It is.

So if you needed a little virtual shot in the arm today, I hope this is it. We’re in it together. I see you mamas. And I’ll see you at the end, too, when this whole mess is over.

Sending you the biggest virtual hug.


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