Summer State of Mind

Do you think it’s some sort of survival instinct that I am looking past the (likely incredibly painful, potentially reallllly long) process of actual childbirth and planning already for the months beyond it?

Because for some reason, all I could think about this weekend, even as this little bundle is still trying to make her way out, is what I am going to wear after she arrives.

I’m going with yes, this falls distinctly under the category of Distraction Techniques.

Nevertheless, I dug through Nordstrom to find some nice pieces that I will be attempting to shoehorn my post-baby body into, fairly shortly after giving birth.

Here’s my theory on the transitional postpartum wardrobe: It helps to have some items of clothing that help you feel more you after having a baby.After having my first two, I did this, and found it much less frustrating than 1) wishing I fit into my pre-baby clothes, because no way was that happening, and 2) it minimizes the getting-ready stress that I otherwise would feel trying to get out the door with a new baby in tow. And the fact is, I’m not super strict about losing the weight after I give birth; I like to just let nature and nursing take its course.

So, for reference, I size up two sizes for bottoms, and one for tops. And these are the pieces I’ve picked up to get me through the next few months!

So when you see me out and I’m wearing the same two t-shirts and two pairs of shorts, just remember, you’ve been warned.

Summer Pieces I’m Stocking Up On!

Socialite Grommet Lace-Up Tee

Fussy, yet simple. Can you tell I don’t have a future in fashion writing? I just like it. Can we just say that?

adidas Originals Boyfriend Tee

Does anyone else get major middle school flashback looking at that logo? I swear, if I were a packrat I could be making thousands right now off my stashed 90s wardrobe. I may have owned this three times in the past, and here it is again, somehow cuter than ever. (I was hoping to grab the Pink version, but they were out in my size. Sob.)

Topshop Ripped Mom Shorts

Pictoral proof that things labeled “mom” can still be hot. And I am not embarrassed to say that I dig the high waist. I look at that as more fabric to hide under until the baby weight is gonzo.

STS Blue Rose Bowl Denim Shorts

Not rewriting any fashion trends here. Just a basic jean short at a good price. Moving on.

Steve Madden Silky Slide Sandal

Dipping back into the 90s vibe again, I am feeling the slide sandal trend so hard right now. These are a cheap way to hop in on the trend, and the bow and flower detail on this pair make it a little whimsical to pair with both casual tops and dressier ones.


Okay, that’s it for now! Still on #babywatch over here, so I will keep you all posted on her arrival!

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  1. Funny you say that because I thought the same thing as I was looking at the picture, and almost commented on it myself!

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