From Workout to Checkout: Black and White Chaser Tank

I’m always looking for clothes that can pull double duty.

Specifically, that means clothes I can wear at my barre class and then take to the streets.

And by the streets, I mean the self-checkout line at Target. Where I will inevitably be unable to find the UPC code to scan and taking way too long to check out… thereby giving my children ample time to ask six times (each) for those bread stick things with Nutella that are always placed so conveniently at kid-eye-level… whereupon I will be forced to at first politely decline their request and then eventually raise my voice uncomfortably loud and make everyone waiting patiently for checkout behind me give me side-eye… from which I will feel the immediate need to run… thereby closing the loop and validating my decision to wear workout gear that transitions so seamlessly from working out to–as the title says–checking out. Or at least trying to.

So, where was I again? Oh yes! Cute workout tops for daily wear.

Like this one!

I’m obsessed with just about every tank I’ve ever seen by Chaser, and this is one of several I own. I love the cut, how they hit at the perfect spot on my hips (not too short, not too long) and the soft fabric.

I can’t seem to find this one anywhere online anymore, but thankfully there are so many other options that are just as cute and… let’s call it versatile… as this one that are ready for your next Target excursion like now! (Crazy kids not included.)

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