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Because I revel in irony–particularly in the realm of politics, where sanctimony is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner–please enjoy this. Imagine: A politician criticizing another politician for doing something, and then getting caught doing it him/herself.

Imma just leave this right here.


Good on you, First Lady. *fist bump*


It’s official, guys. Kim K is “officially over the highlighting trend.” Pour one out.

Here’s what makeup shenanigans she’s apparently into now. You know, inquiring minds need to know and stuff.



Free range.


Add to the long list of Ways to Parent… wait for it… “Potted Plant Parenting.”

“According to a recent New York Times article by Lisa Damour, author of Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood, what teenagers really want is for us to just be there, you know, like a plant.”

Hmm. Parenting teenagers. Very different from parenting toddlers.

See you guys soon!

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