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Here’s the one supplement you’ve never heard of that can apparently keep you young forever. Or something like that.    


Kate Upton sprawled across a rock. Because… well, Because.


A new study finds legalizing same sex marriage resulted in fewer youth suicide attempts.


I am the daughter of a 30-year public school teacher and coach. I myself am a public school student and I am indeed #publicschoolproud.  Even before the recent headlines over the appointment/approval of controversial secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, the importance of a good public school system has been A Thing for me. Having seen the incredible impact that a good teacher can have on the future of kids who otherwise wouldn’t have dreamed big, it’s virtually impossible for me to not care deeply about this.   The success of our country depends on the ability for our kids to dream big NOW. And the truth is, not many families have the ability to send their kids to ritzy private schools to ensure a good education, nor should they have to. If we don’t have a strong, well-funded system staffed with capable and excited (which also has to mean well-compensated) teachers, we don’t get that.  There’s little out there that gets my goat more than hearing parents complain about teachers who want a 2% raise. THESE PEOPLE ARE WITH YOUR KIDS EVERY DAY. Don’t you want them to be compensated fairly? To be excited about educating your child? And don’t we want to attract more intelligent, excited people to educate our children in the future? In my humble opinion, the answer is YES TO ALL.  Without good public schools, there is no bright future. There is a system that spits out pockets of success relative to parents’ ability to fund their children’s success. And that ain’t right.  [Rant over.] Anyway, here’s the article: Have We Lost Sight of the Promise of Public Schools? I sure as hell hope not.    


A study says the eldest child is the most intelligent.   F you, “study.”   Signed, Youngest Child.


I have found a new concealer for my dark underage circles that has me juuuust a little obsessed. Try it and love it. And look like you didn’t sleep with two toddlers’ feet crammed into your ribcage all night. (I wear the Medium Light Neutral shade.)

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