Glennon Doyle and The Touch Tree, Here to Save Your Soul

glennon Doyle the touch tree

Driving anywhere feels like a wild luxury these days. You know what I mean? Like, I used to loathe the moment my ass hit the seat of my minivan for the fourteenth time in any given day. But now, as we anchor into our daily lives At Home and Nowhere Else, getting in the car registers as an adventure.

As any mother who has been home schooling now officially knows, there is no quiet time during the day. So it’s during these little quick drives, or Starbucks jaunts, that I pop in my headphones, find a podcast or other distracting-slash-entertaining form of audible media, and ride.

As I scrolled through Instagram at a red light, I came across Glennon Doyle’s latest IG post, a video posted to her IGTV, called “On Being Lost and Found.” It is amazing, and it is here to save you.

I’ve written before about the importance of turning inward to find answers, because damn, it’s a novel concept with all the noise we’re surrounded with these days.

Of course I love a good therapy session, and I love “sourcing” (this is what I call asking-everyone-I-trust-What-the-Hell-Should-I-do?!!!). But when all the fact finding and information gathering on any particular subject is done, there is only one place left to go to move forward. And that is Within.

That is the message behind Glennon’s video, and I encourage you to watch it yourself. 12 minutes well spent, I promise! But let me summarize:

In the woods, survivalists find what’s called a “touch tree”–a place they come back to after foraging and gathering and otherwise, well, surviving–that serves as that person’s compass, of sorts.

Glennon goes on to say–and this is where I screamed back at my phone saying YES YES YES!–that every time she has made something outside of herself her touch tree, it has failed. Because why? Because your most sturdy compass is always within.

Your sturdiest compass is always within.

And now, friends, the juice, because I know you all love a good bullet point or pulled quote. But promise me you’ll watch the whole thing! Promise? Okay:

glennon Doyle touch tree quote

I hope this precious nugget of wisdom helps you to return to yourself, and your true path, a little quicker. 

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