Here’s What I’ll Miss from Lockdown (No, Really)

what ill miss from lockdown quarantine

What I’ll Miss from Lockdown

Okay, you guys ready for an exercise in positivity?!

For just a minute, let’s take a whole different approach to this Lockdown thing.

I’ve been so focused on the hard things (there are many) about this extended period of relative isolation, but the other day as I was lounging in my favorite sweatpants for the sixth day in a row (no, really.) I got to thinking…

You know, there are some things I am genuinely going to miss once I have to talk to people outside these four walls again.

Will Miss #1: Not Wearing a Bra

My fellow Less-is-Best sisters will feel me ~I know~ when I say that one of the best things about having small boobs is that you don’t have to wear a bra.

Listen–if you told my seventh-grade self that there would be a plus to having small boobs, she would have thrown a butterfly clip at you (an OG one), turned on a dime in her Keds and RUN SCREAMING… but honest to God, it’s true. Because I don’t leave the house much, I stay in my pajamas for most of every morning, if not afternoon. And bras have no place in my current life. So yes, when things get back to normal, I will miss this free feeling.

What is this pandemic good for if not to force us to let go of societal expectations of our appearance, and embrace what we have instead?!

But When I Have to Wear One…

Will Miss #2:
Not Wearing Sweatpants on the Daily

I have a pair of sweatpants that Andrew lovingly refers to as my Hammer Pants, and if you were born anytime after 1985 you probably need this simple explanation: This is not a compliment.

But they are legitimately the most comfortable thing I have ever worn next to my own skin, and I am saying it here and now, for the record: Please bury me in these pants. Because that is how long I want to wear them. They are cotton, they are loose, they have a drop crotch. End story.

Legitimately and truly, I wear these 5 out of every 7 days in a given week, for at least part of the day. This is not hyperbole. Even if I’m out and about in jean shorts during the day, I nearly always come home and put these on.

Sadly, these are no longer available for purchase, but I’ve got my eye on a few other options that look just as deliciously comfortable.

Try These for Instant Comfort:

Will Miss #3: Completely Ignoring Schedules

In general, I can’t be accused of being the world’s most punctual person, but pre-lockdown I had really worked on my… let’s call them, “timeliness issues”… and made great progress!

Now that we are officially hermits–each and every one of us–it’s going to be so hard for me to get back into the routine of being on time.

We do have a few small-group activities the kids are currently involved in–soccer for my son, tennis for my daughter–but for the most part it’s a very casual setup. So, yes. When things go “back to normal,” you’ll find me showing up 15 minutes late to, well, just about everything for the first few months.

Anyone else finding some small things to embrace during this lockdown?

Your turn! Tell me: What will you miss the most when this whole period is over?

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