Hilton Bonnet Creek Orlando for Kids (Or, We Were Crazy and Brought a 1-Month-Old to a Hotel)

This weekend we did what any sane parents who need a little relaxation but who also know that packing up three kids and two adults for longer than a couple days is straight bonkers would do–a staycation.

Can you tell we are fans of The Staycation?

It’s kinda our thing. That’s what living in the most-frequented city in the world for tourist travel will do to you.

Anyhow, the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort, which happens to be nestled right smack in the middle of Disney property, invited our family out to the property to enjoy a weekend for their SummerBlast celebration, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!

So, to recap, we are five–two adults, one 4-year-old, one 2.5-year-old, and one 1-month-old. A wily bunch we are. And it’s hard to plan vacations that have appropriate activities for little kids, yet also have amenities and decor that make the adults still feel, well, grown up. There is no sacrificing of Adult Dignity to stay at this resort.

We started each day at Harvest Bistro for breakfast, and even one day for dinner. It’s incredibly kid friendly, and the food is great, from the Kid Staples–giant grilled cheese sandwiches, hearty piles of french fries and fresh fruit–to more sophisticated dishes like fresh salads and meat and seafood dishes.

And you know what’s kinda comforting? When half of the restaurant is made up of kids, you don’t feel so bad when yours are heard screaming for chocolate milk or putting on impromptu dance recitals between the tables. And a bonus? Kids eat free as part of the resort fee.

Don’t get me wrong: This place is by no means lacking in luxury for adults; it’s just that it’s so family-friendly that the toddler-having among us feel considerably less guilty for those inevitable mid-dinner meltdowns than we otherwise would in another, stuffier resort.

That being said, if you’re a grown person looking for a delicious meal, there are restaurant options on their property that areplenty. On the Hilton property, La Luce features an Italian cuisine and beautiful resort views while you dine, and if you head over to the attached Waldorf-Astoria, there is Bull and Bear.

Andrew and I have long been fans of the Bonnet Creek properties. We were married at the Waldorf, and we dined with our guests on both the Hilton and Waldorf side in the days leading up to our big day and were so incredibly pleased with the food and service. So what I’m saying is, no matter where you go on this property, YOU GOOD.

So, back to our weekend. We arrived Friday and were greeted in our room by a mondo pile of cupcakes and sugary treats, because it also–much to my children’s delight–was Cupcake Lovers weekend. For kids, that means heaven. For adults, that means unexpected 10:45pm bedtimes for your toddlers.

It also means that staff were passing around gourmet cupcakes regularly in the lobby, and that I was a total fool to try to start my post-baby “eating smarter” plan this weekend. (Didn’t work.)

On Friday, after dosing up on some aforementioned sugar, we dropped our bags off in our room and immediately headed out to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. All the Disney properties are mere minutes of a drive from the Hilton Bonnet Creek, and the hotel offers free transportation to their properties all day and night. So if it’s park hopping you’re after, no need to rent a car!

Animal Kingdom was awesome. If you have young kids, I highly recommend prioritizing the safari on your list of rides. You see some incredible wildlife, and you also get to sit on a bus of a half hour.

Saturday was pool day, all day. The kids loved the lazy river and splashing around in the pool (which has a zero entry side so the little ones can wade). They even have a DJ poolside and fun games where the kids compete for prizes. And if your kids are real water bugs, the hotel also does Dive-In Movie Nights, where they put up a giant projector and show a movie, and you and your kids can float and watch. Such an awesome idea!

We had a great dinner that night at Bull and Bear on the Waldorf side of the property, and after another awesome breakfast Sunday, we took off.

SummerBlast runs every weekend through September 3rd. Definitely check it out if you want some good family fun!

The awesome lazy river. Is any lazy river not awesome?
View from our hotel room
Another view of the pool
Our little princess hanging out at the steps
Our welcome to the property!
Cute and delicious!
My Minions, meet the cupcake Minion
Another cupcake contest entry
Baby passed out!
She spent most of the weekend like this!
Claiming our pool chairs early!
Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger. This trip was provided by the Hilton Bonnet Creek. All opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Hilton Bonnet Creek Orlando for Kids (Or, We Were Crazy and Brought a 1-Month-Old to a Hotel)”

  1. Victoria Whitehead

    Hi Sonni! We were also at Animal Kingdom on Friday. I spotted you and the baby grooving to the DJ and then the family enjoying a cold treat afterwards! You looked adorable by the way – wish I could pull off that simple look and be so eloquent! We also had a stay-cation in Orlando but went to Alexander Springs and then stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort in their pirate room!! So much fun!! That room of yours looks great too! Will definetly have to take a look into for one of our next quick getaways 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, look how adorable your little pirates are! 😀 You should have said hello on Friday! At that point we were ready to head out. Poor baby was baking like a chicken nugget out there! Definitely check out the Hilton on your next stay… Lots of great options in the area but we definitely enjoyed our time. Thanks for writing in and check back soon! xo

      1. Victoria Whitehead

        So would have but I was stuck on a bench (sweating) because my sleeping 2 year old wouldn’t let me put him down – finally wised up and moved under the giant fans in the dino playground area 🙂

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