Holiday Gift Guide: All the Athleisure

Holiday Gift Guide Best Athleisure - Sonni

Remember how, before having kids, you would wonder to yourself upon seeing a frazzled/screaming/disheveled/otherwise-batshit-crazy mom chasing her kids around the store/park/Starbucks in her trusty athleisure uniform and be all, “Ugh, that will NEVER be me.”

Let me be the first to tell you that the universe is just crouching in wait, eager to prove you wrong in the most enthusiastic way possible once you do in fact procreate, and it may look just like this:

Your son will projectile vomit all over the floor and toilet during your other child’s gymnastics lesson (forcing him to eat chili will have been your first mistake), and you will spend the next twenty minutes quite literally on your hands and knees, bleach-wiping an entire ten-square-foot public bathroom in your trusty Stretchy Pants, with your put-together silk-shirts-and-tailored-blazers look from your Working Days a fond but verrrry distant memory.

And that’s, my friends, when you will be so grateful for your very stretchy, very machine wash friendly uniform of athleisure that you seem to don, oh, 98% of your waking hours.

So just trust me and get all the moms (and hell–non-mothers, too!) some adorable athleisure for the holidays, so she can fool herself into thinking she has retained a shred of dignity from her past life.

(The bleach wipes are on them.)

Holiday Gift Guide Best Athleisure

Holiday Gift Guide Best Athleisure

1 // LnA “Wild One Tee”

2 // Beyond Yoga Over Tied Lace-Up Pullover

3 // Alo Yoga Short-Sleeved Crew Neck Top

4 // Free People Ready Go Hoodie

5 // Carbon38 Crop Tanks

6 // Zella Bright Side Pullover (in Grey Light Heather)

7 // Varley Martel Marble Sports Bra and Leggings

8 // North Face Holladown Waterproof Crop Jacket (shown in pink)

9 // Carbon38 Crop Tank (in bright pink)

10 // Beyond Yoga Alloy Ombre High-Waisted Legging (in Pink)

11 // Alo Yoga Ripped Leggings (in Black)

12 // Zella Moon Dust High-Waist Leggings

13 // Lululemon Align leggings in Camo

14 // Women’s Nike Flyknit 3 Sneakers

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