Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Friend

In this week’s Holiday Gift Guide, we are talking about best friends.

Aren’t best friends, well, the best?

There are so many reasons why. First, chances are you guys have a history together–shared stories and experiences. Maybe you go back to the college years, or if you’re lucky, all the way back to elementary school (Looking at you, Jess! 🙂 ). They know your secrets, and chances are they have seen you at–and have seen you through–your absolute worst.

And they also have tons of embarrassing pictures of you, like that one with your 80s bangs and buck teeth and NKOTB shirt, and they don’t even hold it over your head.

Doesn’t that kind of loyalty deserve to be rewarded?! I say yes. 😀

Gift your favorite friend with any of these, and I promise, those blackmail pictures will never see the light of day.

You’re welcome. 😉

1 – Scented Candle

Pine is the perfect scent for the holiday, and this gold-embossed candle will look gorgeous on her table or mantle.

2 – Leather Tote

Fewer accessories get used more than a neutral colored tote bag. An open top like this means easy access, which is perfect for travel, for momming and for day-to-day life. She’ll get tons of use out of this one!

3 – Cozy Throw Blanket

Am I the only weirdo who loves throw blankets? Nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with some Netflix, a snack and a comfy blanket. And this is a neutral color that will go with almost any décor, as well as add an extra touch of elegance when you drape it over your couch or chair after using it.

4 – Fleece-Lined Socks

I hate being barefoot. Hate it hate it. Unless there is sand between my toes or carpet beneath my feet, I just don’t dig the feeling of hard floors underfoot. (I think it’s actually a weird thing about my feet being dirty; I like to keep them covered!) And even more so, when it’s cold up North during winter, it’s so nice to have a comfy pair of socks to slip on to keep your piggies warm. All of this is to say, maybe your bestie is a weirdo like me and has a thing for keeping her feet covered. If so, these are the perfect way to do it!

5 – Hot Pink Tunic

Do you want to marry this sweater like I do? Like, purchase a 3-carat ring, plunk down a knee and wife the shit out of it? Guys, like seriously, I am in love with this thing—the color, the shape, the screaming chicness of it all. I just can’t. CAN’T. Love it all up and around and back again. Maybe your friend will too.

6 – Makeup Bag

Is it clear yet that I am the most giant fan of a chic makeup bag? I suggested one in my Holiday Gift Guide for Sisters too, because I find myself getting so much use out of a durable (and adorable) makeup bag throughout the year, that I can’t imagine other people wouldn’t love a nice one too. I have a Tory Burch leather makeup bag that my sister bought me nine (NINE!!!) years ago that I use to this day. It’s crafted well, so it’s lasted for years. Keep in mind that when you pay a little more for an accessory like this, you’ll get your money’s worth and more out of it.

7 – Oribe Travel Kit

These are luxurious products in perfect-for-travel sizes. The scent of the Oribe Gold Lust line is addictive; the shampoo and conditioner are moisturizing; and the dry shampoo will help extend her blowout while she’s on the road. She also gets a lip gloss, a rollerball perfume of the intoxicating Cote d’Azur scent, and an awesome travel bag!

8 – Plaid Ruana

First things first: This thing is called a “ruana.” I had to look this up, and Wikipedia tells me that it’s “a poncho-style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Venezuela and Colombia, particularly in the Boyacá department and Antioquia.” Cue the Rainbow… “The More You Know.”

Anyhow, ruana… poncho… whatever you want to call it, this thing is cute and will absolutely make an outfit. Just throw it on top of skinny jeans and a nice t-shirt and boots, and bam. Also, it’s only $49. That’s a cheap way to make a fashion statement. Bonus: You can travel to the mountains in Colombia and fit right in.

9 – Lipstick Set

These pigmented shades are perfect for a night on the town with her girls (you!) or her boo. Beautiful colors, moisturizing and looks gorgeous going on. I love this set!

10 – GHD Curling Iron

You will say that this curling iron is ridiculously expensive, and you will be right. But… but… this curling iron is so. Freaking. Fabulous. That your friend will love you forever and ever and ever, and then let you borrow it. So there. (Seriously, it’s that good.)

11 – Hoodie

Warm, snuggly and bright. This will be in rotation all winter long! And if the bright color isn’t her bag, it also comes in black, white and a light pink.

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P.S. The holiday gift guide for sisters, and speaking of holidays… our family’s favorite cookie recipe. 🙂

Sonni Abatta is a mom of three and runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. Reach out to chat or collaborate here!

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