Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

Let’s be honest: Men sometimes get overlooked when it comes to holiday gifts.

It’s not because we love them less, or they deserve any less of an awesome gift; but it just feels sometimes, well, a touch boring to buy for guys. (Or is this just me?)

Ties, money clips and sweaters. Let’s all do the men in our lives a favor this year and JUST SAY NO to those (nice enough, but still incredibly commonplace and dare I say boring) gifts.

Let’s expand our horizons, friends! This year, I’ve found some unique gifts that tell the important guy in your life that he’s worth more than a tie. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

So here are just a few ideas. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

Herschel “Pop Quiz” Backpack in Black

A classic backpack, in durable fabric, that’s perfect for travel or the commute. $75

Crocs Slip-On Roka Sneaker

This is the part where you make fun of me for putting Crocs on this list. But let me state for the record: We are giant fans of Crocs in this household–all of us–and my husband and I both have found that their sneaker options like this one and even this one look unexpectedly … wait for it … cool on.

And guys–they are washable. Disinfectable. Scrubbable. (Is that a word?) So after your trip to the beach or theme park or mall, soap ’em up and they’re as good as new.

There it is. I’ve said it. I heart Crocs. BIG TIME. (And maybe your guy will too!) $45

Ugg Men’s Scruff Slipper in Brown

Sticking with the theme of shoes, this is the perfect inside shoe. They’ll keep his feet snug and warm all winter, and these guys last for years. Nothing like taking off your snow boots and getting a little foot hug from one of these guys! $79.95

Patagonia Pullover

A classic for cold weather, in bold blue and red. $119

Herschel Travel Kit

It’s always nice for guys to have a good-looking dopp kit for travel. This one is durable and classic enough of a style and color to last. This is one item he might not know he’s missing until he gets it! $30

Zwilling Multi-Use Tool

Because I can’t be the only one who always needs a pair of tiny scissors to open something on the run, right? Let your guy be the hero who has that when you get him this$20

Bey-Birk Shaving Set

Make his daily ritual little more chic with this set that you won’t mind seeing on his vanity. $55

M.R.K.T. Briefcase in Gray

This briefcase can withstand the elements in gray flannel, and is just the right amount of trendy. $43

U.E. Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The sound that comes from this device–no bigger than a couple Coke cans stacked on top of one another–is incredible. On top of that, the battery life is great, it provides 360 degrees of sound, it’s waterproof and it’s super easy to use. $149

Wood Laptop Riser

If your guy totes a laptop to and from work (or works from home), this is the perfect stylish perch for it. Lightweight and in gorgeous finished wood, this will look good in any office space. $139

Osmo Mobile Phone Camera Gimbal

If he’s into videography or just likes to have great-quality videos to upload to Facebook, this gimbal (read: steadying device) will keep his videos looking cinematic in nature–not shaky in the least. Think about how much better your footage from vacation will look with this baby. Cool! $199

Media Stand

This is the perfect place for an iPad in an office or work space. You can also leave it in your common area as a designated charging space for your devices. $47

Silver Tone Rollerball Pen

Every important guy needs an important-looking pen to sign important documents with. Just my two cents. 😉 $70


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