Holiday Party Outfits that Aren’t Dresses

Holiday Party Outfits that Aren't Dresses

Some people’s brains dream of putting together outfits; my brain dreams about putting together sandwiches.

Holiday Party Outfits that Aren't Dresses

It’s the whole reason why, at the beginning of this year, I started The Style Project, my unofficial foray into finding my style again after having kids. It was a way to hold myself accountable to building up my closet outside of all the mom uniform (read: workout gear, sweatpants, every possible cotton-blend combo) stuff. It was my bid to get some good in-between pieces, and I have to say, I think I’m getting there.

But dressing for holiday parties? That’s a whole other beast. I usually end up going with a dress because they’re simple and quick. But when I recently went shopping for an upcoming soiree, the vibrant green of this silk top by Milly jumped out at me, and I had to try it on.


First, the color. As a rule, I love green. And when it comes to holiday dressing, green is the unsung hero of all the popular Christmas colors. Right now I’m only finding it online in this beautiful neon pink color, which is giving me all the New Year’s Eve feels… Either color though can be festive for a holiday or NYE party, especially paired with the right stuff.

And the right stuff in this case is this walking-disco-ball-of-a-pair-of-pants. These sequin guys from Nicole Miller are comfortable–swingy and high-waisted, which basically translates to #findmeatthebuffet.

Nicole Miller Sequin High Waist Straight Leg Pant
Milly Kat Top & Nicole Miller Sequin High Waist Straight Leg Pant
Milly Kat Top & Nicole Miller Sequin High Waist Straight Leg Pant
Milly Kat Top
Sonni Abatta

This is just one non-dress holiday outfit option, but I’ve also linked some other options below that you can mix and match!


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