Home Decor Talk: Loving Lulu and Georgia

When we were building our house, I was knee- (or rather, uterus-) deep in making another human being. Getting unexpectedly pregnant with our third baby was amazing, but it turns out it’s pretty hard to build a house and a person at the same time. Both require lots of energy.

And while I was as engaged in the process as a hormonal, gestating human  woman could be, I also completely sat on the sidelines for whole stretches of the process, leaving the choosing of things in the hands of our very amazing designers.

That’s why I’m so excited for the day–likely years from now–that we refresh our home. It’s not because I don’t love what we have, but instead because I can’t wait to be very actively involved in the process.

And coming across Lulu and Georgia’s latest catalog has only stoked that flame.

Check out these amazing, inspirational images that will have you wanting to start all over on your home, too. Maybe. 😉

Lulu and Georgia Home Decor

Lulu and Georgia cover
The catalog that started the obsession

Natural Textures

There’s something that is very peaceful about a color palette that stays neutral. These natural textures and finishes are really speaking to me.

This makes me want to immediately curl up and take a nap. There’s something about a neutral-colored space that just relaxes me. Also love the look of the two teak stools at the foot of the bed rather than a traditional bench.

Art on the floor. Why do I love it so? Also, no doubt my children would knock this over within four minutes, but still. Chic.

Neutral Colors

Two things I love about this: the neutral-colored side board and the casual look of the leaning artwork. Okay make that three things–the sconces, too.

Dining Room Scenes

I’ll admit it’s the picture windows that probably make this so impressive, but I’m also loving the bold pattern area rug and a comfy modern chair in place of a regular kitchen chair.

Loving this table and chairs. Not sure they’d be the most comfortable, but damn they look good.

Enjoy the house porn! Anyone out there in the process of decorating or redecorating? I’d love to hear where you’re looking!


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