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It’s been a long time coming, but I’m so excited to finally share some pictures of our new home office!

So here’s the thing: My husband works outside of the house and has office space to work in, so when it came time to pick out finishes and furnishings for our home office, he was so cool about letting me pick things that I liked, while still of course weighing in.

And since I do the majority of my work from home–usually in 10-minute spurts squeezed between 3,586 snack times and the re-styling of multiple Barbies’ hair–I need a space to get away for a bit and be productive. Or, like, about 1/3 of the level of productive of a normal working person (which in Mom World is still pretty damn productive).

My favorite parts are the window seating, which I envisioned the kids being able to use when they hang out in the office with me, and the custom artwork by the incredible talented Erika Eckerson. Her stuff is so beautiful, guys, and the process of working with her was great, too. I told her what we generally had in mind, based on her style of course, and she gave me a mid-project update. She let me weigh in on an accent color that would look best with the rest of the room; we ended up going with a rose hue, which you can see if you look closely in the pictures below.

I find the overall black and white scheme super calming, and I love that we added pops of metallic with the chair, the picture frames, the hardware and the desk lamp, just to warm it up a touch. And instead of going with a too-girly pink or warm shade for the chair, we went with a teal velvet.

I’ve linked similar products below, but if you have a question about the exact ones we got, just email me here!

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside our space! I’ll have some other pictures of the house coming up soon too!

Photos by ShayCaptures

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