How Do You Work Best?

Thank God for Steve Jobs.

More specifically, thank God for Apple, which made the iPhone, which has built-in voice dictation, which I use no less than 75% of the time to do just about everything in my life.

I’m talking about responding to text messages, writing emails, and writing blog posts.

Yes, I’m that weirdo you see at Starbucks talking to her phone and saying things like, “I’ll call you right back, semicolon. I’m holding the baby, period. See you soon, exclamation point!”

We were making dinner last night when Andrew snapped the picture of me you see above, and it occurred to me:

I kinda love pressure. It’s how I to work best.

Since I quit television news to be home with the kids and then kinda fell in love with this blogging thing, days look like this picture more often than not.

Gone are the days I could sit down at a desk, staring at a screen and responding to emails as they should be dealt with—a keyboard.

So in order to continue doing what I love best—writing—I had to adapt. I make it work around my schedule (or lack thereof).

So now, I squeeze in posts while the kids are in the bath. I voice dictate. I break tasks into two-to-five-minute increments between which I make snacks, change diapers and wipe butts.

It’s certainly not the most efficient way of doing things, but it works!

And to be honest, I kinda dig it. Nothing like a looming deadline to light my fire and get me in half-flamingo pose in the kitchen while holding a napping two-month-old to two-finger type a post.

What is motherhood if not a primer in efficiency?

I’m wearing my husband’s boxer, a dirty t-shirt and hastn’t-seen-a-blow-dryer-in-weeks hair, but I am getting it done.

Maybe in another few years I’ll get to sit at a desk in my house again to do my writing. I’m building up my flexibility until then—both literally and figuratively.

Go forth and get ‘er done, friends!

How do you work best? Are you a planner, or a procrastinator? Does pressure light your fire, or drive you nuts? How do you tackle all the to-do’s on your list?

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Sonni Abatta runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog and writes most of her posts standing in the very spot you see in this photo. Donations for an office chair can be sent to

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