How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Delivery

How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Delivery - Sonni Abatta

So here you are, in your last month of pregnancy.

You’ve stretched, ached, waddled, and then waddled some more through the past 10 months, your excitement (and maybe anxiety) growing by the day as you prepare to meet this little person who’s been throwing elbows into your ribcage like it’s her job.

Let me say first–congratulations for getting so close to the finish line! You’re almost there.

By this point, you’ve already done a lot. Chances are you’ve gotten the nursery ready; gotten your stroller, car seat, crib and other big stuff; and you probably even had your first shipment of diapers sent to the house so they’re ready for your little bean.

But there’s one more thing to prepare before you meet your baby, and that’s your hospital bag.

Labor is unpredictable, but the presence of the perfect, buttery-soft cotton robe in the hospital after delivering your baby doesn’t have to be.

And that’s why today, we are talking all about packing the perfect hospital bag. Consider this an opportunity to prepare yourself for a little pampering in the days after delivery.

With all three of my deliveries, I’ve refined the art of hospital bag-packing, finding ways to incorporate exactly what I’ll use, and leave out what I don’t.  But you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to double checking the contents of your hospital bag.

I’ve partnered with Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies to make sure you’ve got all the perfect items in your bag, so you and baby are ready to come home comfortable, and in style!

How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Delivery

How to Pack the Perfect Hospital Bag for Baby’s Delivery

For Mom

Comfortable Postpartum Pants

It’s cruel, but true: Even after you deliver, you probably will still look like you’re pregnant for a little while. (Hello, puffy belly!) So having a pair of comfortable and stretchy pants that you can put on after delivery makes a world of a difference.

I wore these pants in the hospital after having our third. They come in lots of cute prints, and the drawstring waistband is super comfortable.

Nursing Bra

If you’re going to try breastfeeding, it’s essential to get a comfortable nursing bra.

I wore—and still wear—these ones from Target, and they are hands-down the most comfortable and reasonably-priced nursing bras I’ve ever owned. They come in nude, white and black, so you can wear them under just about any color top.

Nursing Bra

Slippers or Grippy Socks

Unknown (also Majorly Embarrassing) Fact: I am the world’s biggest fan of “airplane socks,” a sub-category of feet covers defined by their acrylic blend upper and rubber-gripper soles that make them The World’s Best Clothing Item. I have collected so many pairs over the years (much to the delight of my husband, who loves to tease me about them), and never have I been happier to have an ungodly-large stash of grippy socks than when I delivered our babies!

These things are the best for your hospital stay, because they’re soft yet grip the floors (you will make many treks down to the ice machine), and they are washable. Because when you do finally get home, you’ll want to throw everything in the washer.

Shop Grippy Socks:


All I will say is this: Make them big, and make them cotton. Thank me later.


  • Trial sizes of shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Makeup (in case you want to be in any pictures with baby), including tinted moisturizer, mascara, and ALL THE CONCEALER (…because you will never sleep again. Just kidding! …Kind of.)
  • Hair ties
  • Razor
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair dryer


  • Camera and/or smartphone. Each hospital has a policy when it comes to video recording, but still pictures are generally okay.
  • Phone charger. Don’t leave home without it! Maybe pack two, because your partner is going to be camping out at the hospital with you too.
  • iPad. If you have a moment (you won’t), maybe you can catch up on a book or downloaded magazine. (Did I say yet that you won’t?)
  • Headphones/Speaker and downloaded music for delivery. I prefer to listen to the rhythms of my own tortured breathing, but if YoYo Ma is more your thing, make sure you’re prepared.
How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Delivery - Sonni

For Baby

Clothing and Accessories

There’s usually a hospital photographer who goes room to room, so bring along a few cute items for Baby so you can get some first snaps!


There’s nothing cuter than a little baby burrito! I love these swaddle cloths by Aden + Anaïs, and used them for all three of our bambinos. They’re soft, breathable, and just the right size to wrap up baby nice and snug.

Another great item to bring along to the hospital is a soft blanket. I think it’s so special to have a nice blanket on hand that you can wrap baby in to go from the hospital to the car, and then keep forever as a reminder of your first little “journey” as mom and baby.

Shop Baby Blankets

Going Home Outfit

You and your baby will feel like rock stars as you’re being wheeled from the maternity ward down to the cars (count the ooohs! and awwws!), and chances are you’re going to take a few pictures of this going-home processional, so why not have a cute little getup for Baby?

I adore this set from Anthropologie. (Would also make an awesome gift for a friend who’s expecting!)

There’s More!

Don’t forget to double-check that list! Download the Hello Baby! app and check out all of the other suggestions they have for making sure you’re covered when it comes to bringing home baby.

Just click here. And happy delivery, mama!

You’ve got this.

What were your go-to hospital bag items? Let me know in Comments below!

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