I Have Long, Coarse Hair: These are Three Brushes I Always Use for the Perfect Blowout

It’s kind of stupid how many options there are for hair care these days. Back when I was young (someone throw me a cane and some dentures, please), we had two options to choose from at the DRUG STORE, people… No Sephora… Just Phar-Mor. (My northern friends will know all about the mecca that was Phar-Mor Pharmacy.) And those two options were a vent brush, or a bristle brush.

I will give you one hint as to how those options left a girl with coarse, long hair looking after blow drying. And that hint is… BAD.

So suffice it to say, I’ve been at this hair game for a while, and learned how to make do with far fewer options than we have now. But now, with the benefit of having a beauty store on every corner and about 14,000 options to choose from when it comes to hair tools, I finally have a routine nailed down that gives me good results every time.

Let me save you time, and money, by giving you the cheat sheet on getting the perfect blowout.

It all comes down to having the right tools... Here are mine.

The hair dryer and hot tools is a totally different post… Today, it’s all about the brushes! Let’s dive right in.

Spornette 955 XL Boar Bristle Round Brush

O.G. I mean, this one is my ride-or-die. I have had this brush for, no joke, 15 years, and it is so, so good. The denser bristles mean that it really combs through thick hair, and the boar bristles smooth down the cuticle so you get soft, touchable hair. If you get anything from this list, make this be it.

Raincry Large Magnesium Volumizing Brush

This is a fairly new find for me. Honestly, I was dubious as to whether or not it would perform--I like a natural bristle brush over a plastic or metal one--but this brush is LEGIT. The nylon bristles are designed to remove any extra product from your strands, therefore keeping volume and preventing it from being weighed down. And the magnesium alloy within the brush is said to heat and cool faster than ceramic, helping to lock in your style. Just make sure you're using that cool shot on your hair dryer after the heat to really lock it in!

Drybar Double Pint Large Round Brush

Another great non-natural bristle option, this large Drybar brush with a ceramic barrel is another one of the few brushes that can really power through my hair. When your hair has some texture or curl (mine has both), some bristles don't grip the hair tight enough to really pull it tight and smooth it, but this does. The one thing to note: If you have longer, thicker hair, make sure to take smaller sections with this brush, as hair can tangle around this one if you take too much at once.

Don't forget to use a great heat protectant--I'll link some standby faves below--and then go for it! I know you'll love these picks... all road-tested by yours truly.


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