If You’re a Working Mom, You Need to Watch this Show

Workin' Moms - If You're a Working Mom, You Need to Watch this Show

The one upside to being laid up with the Bubonic Plague Part II is that you’re forced to sit down during the day. This is decidedly NOT part of the normal routine. So I fully took advantage of my 101-degree fever and static state last week to binge on Netflix.

Netflix must listen to my conversations or read my blog, because right under “Suggested for You” was a show called Workin’ Moms.

It’s actually a Canadian sitcom that started in 2017. But because the Internet gods are good, they decided the rest of the world should have a peek at what it means to be a working mom these days.

The show follows four moms who meet at a Mommy-and-me group just as they are headed back to work after their 9-month-long (Oh, Canada!) maternity leave.

As a woman who’s worked in a traditional job away from home, and now worked from home, balanced with some real stay-at-home-mom shit sprinkled in between, I can testify that all of it is crazy, all the time. And I feel like this show speaks to my soul. Also, I have a sneaking feeling any mom will find a way to relate.

Here’s What I Love About It


From boob to bottle, they cover #allthefeedingissues

From boob to bottle, they cover #allthefeedingissues

Have you heard? Breastfeeding is hard. Add onto that weird things like having to pump in public places, to dealing with painful nipples, to the inevitable guilt trip moms feel when transitioning to formula, anyone who’s fed a baby in any way will get what they’re dishing out.

There’s even a scene where one character pierces her nipple in a bar bathroom during a drunken mom’s night out. Worth watching for this hilarious scene alone.

They show the change relationships go through after kids arrive

Catherine Reitman’s Kate Foster is a high-powered ad exec whose job forces her and her husband to take a look at how her salary disrupts the traditional male-female power balance in a relationship.

Juno Rinaldi’s Frankie Coyne struggles to reconnect with her girlfriend after a bout with postpartum depression, forcing them into therapy.

And these are just two instances where Workin’ Moms deals with the big, big changes that–for all their cuteness–having kids can bring to the table.

Kids are hard. Kids and relationships are even harder. Lesson from Workin’ Moms? You’re not weird if you and your partner go through some serious shit after having a baby, too.

They dive deep into postpartum issues

Frankie reaches a dark place in her battle with postpartum depression when she almost falls asleep with her baby on her chest while in the tub, prompting her to seek professional help and medication to deal with her PPD.

There is no shame in facing postpartum emotional issues head on. As a person who champions honesty in the discussion, I was so glad to see this issue dealt with head on.

They deal with older-kid issues too

Working Moms Should Watch This Show

Dani Kind’s character, Anne Carlson, has a middle-school-aged daughter she struggles to bond with. For the moms-of-babes among us, it’s interesting to see how the challenges change from young kids to older kids. And it also kind of secretly gives me an anxiety attack.

They show that it’s sometimes hard to have help, even when that’s exactly what you need

Here’s the scenario: Working-from-home Ann needs a nanny. She hires a young woman who bonds with her middle-school-aged daughter, only to find herself simultaneously hurt and relieved at their instant bond.

Kate cycles through several nannies, two of whom are her mom and sister, as she faces challenges at work.

The hard truth of working moms is that we need help. But then inevitably feel guilty for having other people around.

Lesson? Get help. Get over the guilt. No one–and I mean no one–can do this whole job alone.

Working Moms Should Watch This Show

I could go on and on, but you get it: Workin’ Moms nails it.

If you’re a mom who’s had any issues or qualms with chasing your passion after bringing babies into this world, I suggest you fake sick, park your ass on the couch, and start watching this show ASAP. I promise… You’ll feel a little less alone. And that’s what it’s all about.


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