IV Therapy Part Two: My Results and What to Expect

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A little while back I wrote about how I tried IV therapy to address the two big symptoms I feel like every mom in the world experiences–exhaustion and brain fog.

At The IV Lounge in Orlando, I got to sit down with Dr. Olga Ivanov, a cancer surgeon and the doctor on staff, for a detailed discussion on what I was experiencing. (Here is Part One, so definitely read that first so you can get the lowdown on what IV therapy is, and what it helps to address.)

So let’s talk: Now that you know what IV therapy is all about, what did I think after I tried it? And is it worth the time and money?

In this part you will see my whole discussion with Dr. Ivanov. We talk all about the things I’m experiencing–things like exhaustion, brain fog and even my history with the Epstein-Barr Virus.

Dr. Ivanov’s approach is incredibly holistic. I was so impressed that she sat down and had an actual conversation with me before recommending a combination for my IV infusion.

If you are going to try IV therapy, that should be a priority: Make sure you’re with a group of care providers who are really hearing out your issues and concerns before they put together your infusion.

That’s another reason I was so impressed with The IV Lounge. Dr. Ivanov’s background is in the practice of medicine. I felt incredibly comfortable putting my treatment in the hands of an actual MD.

All that being said, let’s get to the good stuff! Check out what the facility looks like, hear me chat with the doctor, and hear my thoughts on it, all in the video below!

So, Did It Help?

In short, YES. It’s kind of crazy, I immediately felt a boost in my energy as soon as the IV infusion hit. It’s the feeling you get when the caffeine in your coffee finally hits, but without the shaky side effects.

Another strange side effect is that it left a taste in my mouth–almost like I had just chewed a vitamin. It’s not gross in any way, but it’s definitely noticeable.

Will I Continue IV Therapy?

I’m sure going to try! The only barrier to doing that is the location of the lounge. But when I’m on that end of town, I’m planning on tracking it down and going back.

It’s a quick, clean way to boost your energy. By clean, I mean it’s free of stimulants like caffeine that can bother some people; and it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients your body can actually process and use.

What to Know Before You Try IV Therapy

There are a few things you should plan on knowing before you try IV Therapy.


The goal of IV therapy is to treat what’s bothering you, so you’ll need to be transparent about any health issues or concerns with the doctor on staff. The good thing about working with a group like the IV Lounge is that they are headed up by an actual medical doctor, so you can be assured that she is looking at your symptoms through the lens of a medical professional.


Dr. Ivanov was able to accurately “prescribe” a treatment to me just based on the description of symptoms that I gave her, but it would have been much more tailored to my specific needs had I brought along the results of some recent bloodwork I had done.

You can book an appointment for a blood lab at any clinic and, at the recommendation of a medical professional, ask for any specific panel the doctor suggests. From there, bring along the results to your IV therapy doctor, and that way s/he will be able to really tailor your treatment to your specific needs.


Yes, you will experience a boost from just one IV treatment. But you might experience longer-term health benefits if you go back repeatedly and make it part of your health routine.

Like I said, I’m going to try to be better about getting back in to see Dr. Ivanov and her team, because I trust that she looks at my health through a holistic perspective–the exact approach I prefer when it comes to my own health journey.


Now, you tell me: Would you try IV therapy? Or have you tried it before? What did you find helpful about this post? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and chat more!

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