Breakfast Anytime, Just Not Like This

There are moments in parenthood where you feel so good about how you’re handling things that you practically fist-bump yourself and are all, “Yeah, I got this!”

And then there are moments when you actually glance over your shoulder in your own house to hope no one saw how positively out-to-lunch you are.

Exhibit B for me all the way this morning.

It’s probably best if I just blurt it out. I made my kid’s sandwich for summer camp today on frozen pancakes.

We ran out of bread yesterday and I swore up and down I would be able to pick some up before heading back to work last night, but… I didn’t have time because the baby got back up right before I walked out the door.

And then I had to go in and say goodnight again to Sammy, which ate up even more time.

And then I swore I would stop after the newscast on my way home, but it was 1am when we finished and the store was closed, so then I hatched the brilliant plan to go to the store BEFORE summer camp (HAHAHAHA).

And then when 3am rolled around and I was STILL awake with baby girl and realized there was no way I was dragging my sorry butt out of the house early, I came up with the ultimate plan. I will pray to the Grocery Fairy to stop by our house and deliver some bread! DUH.

Well, this morning while standing face-to-face with the carb-less sad reality that was our pantry, I was forced to get creative. The freezer held my answer.

And yes, I did warm them up first. And you know what? For the first time in weeks, he ate his WHOLE sandwich! Maybe I’m onto something!

But for now, gotta go. I have a grocery list to put together.

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