So, How Are Your Nights Lately?

There are only two worlds where conventional math and the time-space continuum do not apply: Dreams, and parenthood. Let’s do some math to explain, shall we?

6 — the number of times I was up last night

2 — the number of times I was vomited on by a sick (yet adorable) baby

3 — the number of pairs of pajamas I managed to cycle through as a result of said puke

2 — the number of children, out of 3, in our house who ended up in different beds than they started…

…All of that adding up to…

2 parents who are, as of this morning, officially feeling like total and utter dog crap, topped off with a dash of ugggggggghhhhh really???

Nevertheless… here we are… just like so many other parents out there, trudging through the day and finding ourselves actually laughing about the fact that our new reality is fractured nights of sleep and lots (and I mean lots) of musical beds. It’s the inevitable change that comes around with becoming a parent.

One of the biggest forms of relief is knowing we’re not alone in this crazy stage of life. Anyone else find strength in knowing–when you’re rocking a slobbering baby at 3am with no relief in sight–that you’re not alone? Actually, taking it one step further, one of the biggest laughs I get lately is when I get that first “Is this for real???” phone call from friends who have just become parents. Welcome to the club, my friends. See you at the espresso bar.


So, that’s how it is in our household lately. We are obviously still on the front end of this whole parenting thing, so anyone out there care to tell us when sleep becomes reliably good again? You know, for everyone in the house?

(In the meantime, is there anything better than sleepy baby smiles? This picture kills me every time.)

Sonni Abatta is a mom of three who runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog–lately, on very little sleep. Sigh. Let’s work together! (Bring coffee.) Reach out here.

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