Just Wondering: What Has the Lockdown Forced You to Dig Up?

There is no way to fully understand just yet how we will all come out of this quarantine. Emotional events of this scale tend to impact us in ways we don’t immediately understand.

There are a handful of things I’m already starting to realize (for one, that it turns out I am a raging homebody underneath all this socializing I’ve been doing for decades), and I’m certain more will be revealed as time goes on.

That being said, there are some things that this lockdown has forced us to dig up or face–from the superficial to the deep–and I’d love to talk more about that today.

Disorder, be Gone

I like to think I’m always conscious about overconsumption and unnecessary spending, but lately I am more aware than ever of the need to pare down. I discovered that I truly do find more inner peace when my surroundings are less cluttered.

This less-is-more mentality goes for anything from my pantry to my beauty product stash, which I have been whittling down for the past month (!). I divide it into categories: Almost-used-up products, which go in the trash; new products that go to giveaways, family or friends; and lightly-used products that go to, well, my mom. Because only your mom will take your half-used face cream.

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Finding Yourself Again

While there certainly hasn’t been more downtime since we’ve been in lockdown (hello, homeschooling), the lack of general running-about has forced a little introspection. Again, still processing a lot of this, but one of the big takeaways for me so far has been that I need much less socializing than I thought I did.

For someone who self-identifies as an extrovert–getting my energy from being around others–my enjoyment of relative isolation has been a big shock to me. The simple realization that I can get by with a good, meaningful phone call with a friend, rather than a guns-blazing girls’ night out, was a pleasant surprise to me. It made me wonder, how will I find meaningful ways to connect when this is all said and done?

Digging Out the Bicycle

Five years ago, Andrew bought me a very nice road bike… which I proceeded to leave in the garage, untouched, since then.

No exaggeration: I used that bike a total of twice until this lockdown. And these days? I’m on it five days a week, along with the kids and Andrew, cruising around the neighborhood.

The appreciation of the magic of a good bike ride may seem inconsequential, in light of the grander things happening in the world, but it’s there, nonetheless. The feeling I get riding with the wind in my hair, the kids next to me, feeling my heart pump and my blood flow… I just… I love it. And I never gave myself the time to enjoy something so simple before.

The revelation of the small pleasures–that is the biggest lesson for me in this lockdown, by far.

The revelation of the small pleasures--that is the biggest lesson for me in this lockdown, by far.

So now it’s your turn: What has this lockdown forced you to dig up?…

…Feelings, excess items you don’t need, a different mode of transportation… How are you finding yourself these days? I’m all ears. Drop in on Comments below.


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