Just Wondering: What Podcasts Do You Love?

When you spend a substantial amount of time running errands in the car or in school pickup lines, you get to either know your friends very well or get to know a podcast or ten. I do both.

During those times when I’m not harassing my friends at 1:45pm for a quick catch-up from the pickup line, I’m listening to a podcast. They’re the best way to get information on the go, and for someone like me who needs to multitask as much as possible, I love learning–and getting inspired–while driving.

Here are some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to and loving, broken down by category:

Get Your Boss On

Lately I’ve been devouring content that helps keep me inspired for work and writing. I love hearing about other entrepreneurs’ journeys to success, and what makes them tick. If you’re in the same spot and want some serious inspiration as well as use-now tips, these podcasts are at the top of my list.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn Evarts founded the blog The Skinny Confidential, and her husband Michael Bosstick, a self-described “serial entrepreneur” interview experts on topics ranging from Kardashian-inspired plastic surgery, to the backstory of launching a world-changing business, to mom shaming and more.

The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a wedding photographer turned influencer whose niches are brand development, body positivity and all-around tips for entrepreneurs. Listen to this for real life and specific advice on how to launch your business, hone in on your brand, and how to stay inspired.

The Influencer Podcast with Juls Solomon

Another influencer-turned-educator, Juls always has practical advice for entrepreneurs and bosses-in-training alike. What I love about her podcast is that the episodes can be as short as nine minutes or up to an hour and a half, and yet each one is filled with usable, inspiring advice to get your business off the ground. She interviews people from a range of fields but it always comes back to this same thing: How to bring your best to your business.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

It’s like Oprah speaking soulfully into your ears and educating you about all of life’s mysteries… Oh wait… Because that’s exactly what it is. Hitting on a range of topics including history, spirituality, meditation and overall inspiration, The Great One’s conversations with experts in a range of fields will leave you feeling relaxed and awakened. …Like only Oprah could.


Because I am so in need of hearing from other parents who are also “in it.”

Atomic Moms with Ellie Knaus

There’s nothing like the feeling of commiserating with other parents who are going through all the craziness of raising kids right along with you. And that’s why I love, love Ellie Knaus’ Atomic Moms podcast. In fact, her tagline is so perfect, I have to share: “A modern parenting podcast about the joys and complexities of caring for our children and ourselves. … Since 2014, we’ve been celebrating and commiserating with world-class experts, bestselling authors and parents around the world.” Perfect summation for a perfect podcast for parents. Seriously, listen! (Great for dads too.. She often has her husband on as a guest.)

Oh, and because I’m super weird and stalk-y and always have to get the backstory on things I love the most, check out the interview I did with Ellie on my Facebook page. Interview HERE!

Advice and Life

These are my favorite podcasts for those times you want to hear advice or just other people’s life stories.

Dear Sugars

Who doesn’t love hearing advice from experts? I was initially drawn to the Dear Sugars podcast because one of the hosts is best-selling author Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild. She and Steve Almond make a perfect team for balanced and thoughtful advice-giving on everything from relationships to family drama to workplace issues. Definitely check them out!

Modern Love

With words ripped straight from the pages of the New York Times’ popular column by the same name, this podcast features the voices of actors and other well-knowns to bring to life all the searing words of authors whose words on life and love are featured in the magazine. Always a fairly-quick listen, and always with a twist or an unexpected lesson. Listen to this to get your “awww,” or “wow” moment of the day.

Straight-Up Guilty Pleasure

Because I like swearing, and hearing other people swear.

The Bitch Bible with Jackie Schimmel

If for nothing else, listen for the episodes of “love rage” she describes about her dog. Hysterical. Also does a lot of reality TV recaps. I am the weird person wearing ear buds in public that laughs out loud when listening to the podcast. It’s great. Just try it, seriously.

Podcast Rewind

Wait for the genius of this podcast: It’s a podcast… about the podcasts that you love. Seriously, great idea and the perfect place to go when you want to hear honest reviews of the hundreds of podcasts that pop up every week.

Bachelor Party

Yep, I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette! Nope, not ashamed! And yes, definitely listen to this recap show to relive every cringe-worthy moment of each episode. #notsorry

What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in Comments below!

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