Just Wondering: What Was Your Last Big Purchase (that was Worth it?)

Another Wednesday, another Just Wondering…

Have you bought anything lately that was worth every penny?

I was sitting down to do a makeup tutorial video the other day in front of my (relatively) new Riki Skinny makeup mirror, and it occurred to me that this is one purchase that I feel like I’m getting great mileage out of.

Funny story: When I was working in television news, we always did our own makeup and hair, and often times, before our newscasts started, I would have to touch up my makeup. When I worked as the morning anchor in Pittsburgh, I had to be in full makeup and hair and ready to go on the air by 5am, which meant ungodly-early wakeup times. (This is tantamount to torture in my book.)

So–in the interest of preserving every last bit of energy I could muster–I mastered the art of doing my makeup (and I’m talking my whole face, including eyes and lashes and foundation and blush) in a handheld mirror. And I’m talking a small mirror. Maybe 2″ x 3″. I would hold it in my left hand while using my right hand to apply my makeup–every morning at my desk, because the thought of standing up to do my makeup on top of actually having to be awake at 3am was just too much for me to bear.

Eventually, my shift changed, and even when I came back to the Land of the Living (aka the night shift), but I still prefer to be as close as possible to my mirror for my makeup application.

Enter these two mirrors, which have replaced my beloved handheld kit (I kept it for memory’s sake, though) and give me a little more real estate to work with when I’m creating my smoky eye.

Time-tested, TV-approved. Give ’em a shot!

Wall-Mount Makeup Mirror

The one I use in my bathroom is just like this one, with 1x magnification on one side and 10x on the other.

I cannot be held responsible for the potential for the over-plucking of your brows that may occur with such magnificent magnification.

Shop it HERE!


The Riki Skinny

I set this one right on top of my office desk and use it to do not only my makeup, but also makeup tutorial videos. It comes with a magnetic clip that holds your phone, and you can shoot video as you apply. It also comes with a magnetic magnifying mirror. The LED lights are built into the sides of the mirror and provide multiple levels of brightness for every type of lighting you could want.

Shop it HERE!

Anything you’ve bought lately that’s totally worth it? I’d love to hear about it in Comments below!

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