Just Wondering: What’s Your Silver Lining These Days?

I came across a post that I really needed today. Maybe you need it too.

Cup of Jo–a site I frequent not only for the great content but also for the amazing community of commenters (a dream for a blogger!)–put up a post called, What’s Bringing You Joy? I thought, what a simple question that, truly I need to reflect on right now.

I don’t know about you, but the days have been feeling like one big, long stretch of WTF lately. Unlike the beginning of the lockdown, we are at the point now where this strange way of life is starting to feel like the end (middle? a third of the way through?) of a foreign film where you’re invested in the outcome, but have become bored of reading the subtitles.

“Over it” would be one way of describing it.

And I think the challenge during these times is to find moments of gratitude that can pull us through.

I won’t spoil her moment of joy for you–check out the post yourself!–but it made me reflect on small moments that have made me smile during this difficult time. Here are some, in random order:

A conversation with my daughter at bedtime, which went something like this: “Mom, do you know who Jennifer Lopez is?” “I do!” “Is she famous?” “Um, yeah, I’d say she’s pretty famous.” [beat] “As famous as Elsa?!”

Ghost of a Podcast, by astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo. I love a good peek at the stars to explain the craziness of the world, and I always walk away feeling soothed after listening.

Nightly family “nature walks,” which serve the dual purpose of letting the kids get some fresh air, while simultaneously wearing them out before bedtime.

Times are tough, and the strain on our souls is so real right now. Tell me: What little things are bringing you joy right now? I’d love to hear!

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