Just Wondering: Where is Your Happy Place?

Where is Your Happy Place?

I’m writing this post with the sound of the ocean waves crashing about 100 feet from me. It’s late fall, and it’s cold as a mother (well, Florida cold), I’m bundled up in a fleece blanket… and for the first time in weeks, I feel relaxed enough to get some serious work done.

In Orlando, we’re lucky enough to be an hour or so of a drive away from really cute, really adorable beach towns where you can get away for a day. This mini getaway is a bit of a treat. Most often, it’s my closet where I “retreat” when I need a moment of peace. (Added the quotation marks, because that word is a big HAHA when you have young children.)

And I needed this day in the biggest way. In addition to planning out where I want to go with this blog in the next year, I’m also working hard (so hard!) on my podcast. As it turns out, building your own business is kind of hard. And as anyone whose gone on a solo venture of any type–professional or personal–can attest, it takes energy… so much energy… to stay motivated.

For me, being productive and creative is a big part of what keeps me content. 

I love the daily joys (and I laugh at the daily challenges!) of parenting, but I still feel so fulfilled by working. By sharing great stories and information with people. With you guys.

And so when I get a few free minutes, this is what I do to relax. And for me, working my best means a pair of comfy sweats; a corner of a couch to tuck into; and on lucky nights like this, the sound of the ocean in the background.

Not moving from this couch for the next 24 hours

Quiet time to write. That’s my happy place. And if the beach is nearby, that makes it all the better. 🙂

Now you tell me: Where’s your happy place? What place do you retreat to that makes you calm or allows you to be productive?


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