Keep These 5 Products in Your Car for a 5-Minute Face

Keep These 5 Products in Your Car for a 5-Minute Face

Let me guess: You don’t have time to do a full face of makeup most mornings.

I’m all for full on GLAM when you have the time (and occasion), but most mornings are all about getting somewhere–usually not on time–and that calls for a routine that makes you look put-together in as little time as possible.

Here’s what I always keep in my car! I also break it down item by item for you below:


Five Beauty Products for a Quick Face

Think of this as your skin, but better. This lightly-tinted moisturizer has zinc oxide for sun protection, and it also leaves your skin with a nice dewy glow, perfect for daytime. The SPF 30 means there’s no need for extra sun protection!

Note: You won’t get full coverage with this product. What you will get is a light wash of color, with your skin shining through.

No one wants to look like Cake Face while dropping the kids off at school. Coverage for dark circles? Good. Eye spackle at 9am? Bad.

This formula gives the perfect amount of coverage without making you look too “done.” It’s also super easy to apply with the included wand. Blend out with that IT Cosmetics brush to really set it!

I’m all for a dramatic eye for nighttime, but for daytime I prefer a mascara that adds volume and length without looking too spider-y (totally a technical makeup term). This is it.

All I’m saying is if I don’t put something in my brows to keep them in place they will literally end up looking like a feather duster gone wild on top of my forehead. Not a good look. Therefore, this. (It’s AWESOME. It gives tint and holds the hairs in place–a twofer!)

This product is amazing because it doubles as a blush and a lip color. I’m all about a taskmaster, aren’t you?

Use your fingers to apply to the apples of your cheeks, then use that badass IT Cosmetics brush to blend (small circles, buff out) for a really natural look.

What are your go-to products for a quick face? Let me know in Comments below!

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