Keep These Makeup Items Close By for a “Done” Face in 5 Minutes

The Best Makeup for a Quick Face - laura mercier shadow sticks

I spend so much time in my van on a daily basis that I’m only half kidding when I say my butt is going to sprout roots and start growing into the (very crumb-y) seats. I know my fellow mamas will feel me on this… It’s insane how much time it can take to do the multiple dropoffs and pickups from school. 

The downside to all this time spent in the car is.. well.. the above. The upside is that your sister friend here has perfected the on-the-go makeup, because I’m nothing if not resourceful.

The Best Makeup for a Quick Face

From years spent doing my makeup on the fly–whether in my car or right before I sprint out the door–here are some items that I always have handy, and that you should, too, if you want to get polished on the go!

The Best Makeup for a Quick Face
The Best Makeup for a Quick Face

These Laura Mercier shadow sticks are a LIFESAVER when time is short. You can get the prettiest, natural smoky eye with just this set, and then some mascara.

I use the Rosegold shade all over my lid and up toward my brow bone. Then I add the Copper into my crease, and line with Cocoa.

Quick tip: For more lash definition, lightly line your lower lashes with Cocoa too, then blend out with your fingertip.

Dermablend Liquid Camo concealer. I mean.. this stuff, guys. 😍

I used it when I was working in television, and it was amazing on air. But it’s also just as good for everyday life. It gives the perfect amount of coverage for my Uncle Fester-level dark circles while also staying super natural looking.

I know I know I know… the impulse is to want to sucker punch someone who is telling you to buy a $72 mascara, BUT BEFORE YOU DO!!!… Hear me out.

This mascara is amazing. It gives me the longest, fluttery lashes, and I have noticed incredible lash growth since I started using it about a month and a half ago, too.

The formula has a lash-boosting peptide that encourages the growth of your lashes while you use it. When you think of the fact that you can eliminate a separate lash booster entirely from your routine, the price tag on this doesn’t seem as bad.

Beautycounter’s limited edition jellies are so good I seriously want to eat them. They smell delicious (each is a different scent), and they leave a wash of color so perfect someone might even think you showered that day when in reality you probably did not (*cough cough*).

PS–They’d also make a great holiday gift for a makeup lover or even a young girl or teenager on your list! You get five per set, and you can break them up and even put them onto a keychain for a cute presentation!

That’s it! Keep these products nearby, and I promise you’ll get out the door looking polished in no time flat!


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