Kristin Ess Texture Taming Root Iron Review

Kristin Ess Texture Taming Root Iron - Sonni Abatta

I’m not saying that kids these days are spoiled by the abundance of hot tool options that make literally almost any person able to avoid the Just-Stuck-My-Finger-in-a-Socket look that I rocked literally from seventh until 12th grade… Wait… actually I am.

So. Many. Options! There is a glut of awesome hot tools on the market to tame any texture of hair, and your girl here has (embarrassingly) tried almost every brand. But until very recently there was type of one hot tool I hadn’t used–the root iron.

Kristin Ess Texture Taming Root Iron Review

What is a root iron?

Simply put, this is a hot tool designed to smooth down top-layer flyaways and those pesky, curly baby hairs that nestle right along your hairline.

A hot rod wedged between two plastic combs, you simply comb this device through your hair, and it softens and straightens as you go.

But wait… Aren’t there already tools out there designed to do this?

Not exactly.

The difference between this and a hot brush is that the tines on these combs are much finer and tighter, meaning you can really get into your roots and along your hairline with precision, whereas with a tool that has larger plates or bristles, it’s difficult to really get to the root of your hair.

Think of this as more of a precision tool for hair styling, one that allows you to perfect your styles.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it’s so easy. It’s as simple as combing through your hair, just doing so very slowly. But don’t linger for too long in one spot; it’s a hot tool after all, and it can damage your strands!

I already have a flat iron that does all of this; why would I need a root iron too?

Great question! …and one that I address directly in my video. 😉 But simply put, there is absolutely a separate need for a tool like this, for certain hair types, at least.

Kristin Ess Texture Taming Root Iron

Check out my video review, and let me know, have you ever used a root iron? If so, what did you think?

2 thoughts on “Kristin Ess Texture Taming Root Iron Review”

    1. I found that it does help with short hairs that surround the face. For example, the hair near my face tends to curl up when I sweat or get warm, and this does a great job of straightening that. I don’t have a cowlick so couldn’t sample it on that, per se.

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