Let’s Be Honest… You’re Not Going out for New Year’s Eve Either

new years eve comfortable outfit ideas

We’re pals, right? We can be honest with each other? Okay, here goes. You’re not going out for New Year’s Eve, are you. I’m not. I mean, I used to, and I loved it! Like, super fun! Champagne! Dancing! Sleeping in til noon the next day! But right now, I’m in what I like to call the quiet social season of life, which is a fancy way of saying we now ring in the new year in clothing that can most accurately be described as pajama-adjacent, within a 20-foot radius of our couch.

So let’s talk about cute, but more importantly, comfortable clothing for New Year’s Eve, for all my fellow sister friends who care like, a fourth of what they used to, about what they wear.

Slide into Those Sweats

Sweatpants deserve their own moment in the sun, because let’s be honest, never has another more comfortable piece of clothing been invented, and I am here to say that the right pair of sweatpants can change your life. (Maybe ruin your relationship too, but hey, can’t have it all!)

So Much Better than Heels

Let’s take a minute and POUR ONE OUT for those heels that I used to wear for those all nighters back in the day. You were great, really… Thanks for the memories and the blisters! (Lord Jones is here to save us from that kinda BS now.)

But since you can’t slither around your sectional in your Louboutins (I mean you can, no judgment here), try out these puppies instead:

For the Couch and the Outside World

Now I’m not gonna tell you to spend your money just on clothes that can only be worn inside… A good statement tee is always my pick for lounging around the house… and then waking up the next day and wearing out too! (Just kidding. Wash it first.)

Happy (almost) New Year, friends!! It’s been awesome to keep getting to know you guys here on over on Instagram, and I can’t wait to keep it going in 2020.


(Oh, and if you are going out, I still love these sequin pants!)

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