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Well, I’d love to say that we are super geeked about a long holiday weekend here in Florida, but the truth is, we are in Hunker Down Mode.

The Apparel House is a Florida-based shop with a national reach, and they’re my go-to for classic and simple basics. I snagged this dress for days when I’m running around doing errands and school pickup and squeezing in some work in between.I’ll probably wear it with these white sneakers.

After an attempt last year that resulted in lots of tears and mild exasperation for me, my girls are now interested in dancing, so both are signed up for ballet and tap. Two things on this: First, 2-year-olds in tutus dancing with teddy bears is affirmatively the cutest thing I will ever experience; and second, all those horrific dance mom stereotypes are now top of mind. Mothers with experience in the dance world, please tell me that this level of Crazy doesn’t always have to happen.

Love Jia Tolentino. Can’t wait to get my hands on her new book, and will be doing so just as soon as I finish reading my current goodies.

Have we gone overboard with safe spaces, or do universities and other learning institutions need them more than ever?

I legit sing the Natch Beaut podcast theme song all day long. I love the podcast, but the most hysterical part is her renditions of popular songs themed to be about beauty products. Hysterical.

Speaking of podcasts, not to toot my own horn, but I absolutely loved the conversation I had with The Fifth Trimester author Lauren Smith Brody  on my podcast last week. We talk all about the many challenges of going back to work after having a baby. She, and her book, are full of practical, warm advice for any woman in this position. Been there, done that, wish I read this book before I did.

That’s It! See you on the other side of the storm!

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