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There are so many things to catch up on–from products I’m loving, to things I’m reading. Let’s do a little Life Lately and Links!

chantecaille frangipane lipstick


When my sister and I were younger, we would laugh when my mom would take out her tiny little lipstick case to reapply her vibrant red orange lipstick after eating dinner at a restaurant. 30 years later, I am my mom, apparently, because my new favorite lipstick is just about as orange, red, and bold as they come. And… I love everything about it. Also, for a self-professed nude lip devotee, this is SO out of my beauty wheelhouse. But seriously; try pairing a bold lip with a simple shirt and jeans, and it instantly elevates the whole look. I’m obsessed.


unto the sons

Unto the Sons

I'm still on the Italian-American immigrant-centric kick when it comes to my books, and this is the latest book I've been devouring. I'm too exhausted for my own clever recap, so here is what Amazon says: "Gay Talese, one of America's greatest living authors, employs his prodigious storytelling gifts to tell the saga of his own family's emigration to America from Italy in the years preceding World War II. Ultimately it is the story of all immigrant families and the hope and sacrifice that took them from the familiarity of the old world into the mysteries and challenges of the new."

A little more on this selection… I’ve always known about, and have been intensely proud of, my Italian heritage, but since doing a genetic test and confirming that we are, indeed, nearly all Italian–as my parents had been saying our entire lives but I somehow never quite thought could be entirely true–I have been obsessed with finding out more about the regions our family is from. That is, namely, Southern Italy and Sicily. So if you have any other great reads all about Italian culture and/or the immigrant experience, I’m all ears!


This episode of The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast is an interview with the founder of a brand I use and adore–Drunk Elephant. It’s so interesting to hear Tiffany Masterson’s super-zen and instinct-driven approach to building her business. She also endorses the same skin-saving protocol I do and think you should try, too–the once-a-day face wash. Seriously! Protect that acid mantle, sister! One wash a day for you, and that’s it!

Speaking of Podcasts...

Have you listened to the two latest episodes of 30 Something with Sonni lately? They’re driven by YOU! That’s right: You guys submitted questions on sexual health, relationships, fertility and more, and board-certified OB/GYN and all-around badass lady Dr. LaKrystal Warren came into the studio and dedicated time to every. single. one. of your questions. So THANK YOU for the amazing questions, and thanks to Dr. Warren for sharing her expertise with us! These get graphic, ladies, so just a heads-up if you’re listening in the presence of little ears. 😉

That’s what’s new around these parts lately! Drop any products, books, or other things you’re loving below, so I can check them out too!


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