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I genuinely feel that the alternate title for this post should be, “PMS after kids is the biggest B of all B’s.” And I’m only abbreviating on the off (very off, because #smalltimeblogger and all) chance that someone peripherally related to my children’s education will read this and think that I am unhinged.

PMS after kids

For the record, I am not. I am, however, currently very at-capacity with stress. Which leads me to the alternate title of this post–the whole thing about crazy PMS symptoms.

PMS after kids. It's the real deal, people.

In fact, in a little survey I’ve conducted among women who have procreated (it was very formal and all, conducted in controlled environments like Moms’ Nights Out and in parking lots while waiting at the 18th pickup of the day), a full 100% of the moms I spoke with said they are basically Hulk during their PMS weeks, where they never were before.

A cursory online search after said survey led me to this article, which really hit home. I don’t think it’s PMDD, but reading the words from this particular author who says her “anxiety skyrocketed” gave me pause.

Ever the researcher, you can bet I’ll be diving into this topic on my podcast. I’m in the process now of tracking down an expert who I can put behind a microphone and basically therapize me for free for an hour. Stay tuned for that!

I’m still fully convinced that if I wear proper fall clothing, I can materialize actual fall weather in Florida.

So far, this tactic isn’t working. And yet! For this skirt, I make an exception. Cannot wait to wear this with some booties and a plain white tee. Purrrr.

Why did I ever give them real lip gloss? I asked myself, mere seconds after opening this and watching them play for 40 minutes straight. Also? Would make such a cute gift for a little girl’s birthday.

Ball sports (spare me the dirty jokes, please) and general coordination are not two of my strong suits, and yet I tried tennis for the first time in a loooong time–like 9th grade, long time–and guys? I love it. Waiting until at least three more lessons from now to officially change my last name to Williams. In the meantime, suggestions on the best tennis gear welcome! 

There’s always an excuse to buy another SPF product, because one can never have too many options for protecting her skin in this insane Florida sun, and this tinted moisturizer I found is currently my favorite.

As a brand, Chantecaille is on the cleaner side (there are some products with chemical sunscreens and other ingredients I try to avoid), but the sun protection in this one is solely from titanium dioxide, which is great in my book. Oh, and it gives you real-deal looking smooth, glowy skin. LOVE. I wear shade Nude.


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