Life Lately and New Finds

New Finds - basic white t shirt jean shorts

It’s been a little while since I did a Life Lately post, so let’s catch up!

Old Friends and New Beginnings

Andrew and I went to my good friend’s wedding in Key Largo this past weekend, and it was so, so fun. I am fairly certain I also embarrassed myself on the dance floor (hashtag vodka), but a girl’s gotta make the most out of her 48 hours away from the kids, know what I’m saying?

bakers cay resort key largo

But seriously, it was amazing to see my friend start her next chapter. Does anyone else feel like it’s such an honor to see a couple start their lives together? It gives me all the feelings. 🙂

king charles spaniel wedding
The Doggie of Honor

The wedding was on the beach at the beautiful Baker’s Cay Resort. (I Insta Storied the crap out of the weekend, because there were so many beautiful things to show!)

I totally recommend Baker’s Cay to families who are traveling with young ones. The rooms are spacious; they have tons of water activities like kayaks, paddle boards, boats and even those floating pads where kids can jump; and they also have on-site boat rentals.

Bakers cay resort key largo

And a bonus? The water is so warm–like, bathwater warm. The resort is even pet friendly! There were dogs swimming in the ocean next to us!

Andrew and I even snapped up a pair of goggles from a nearby diving store and swam laps in the ocean. Because we’re weird like that.

Wearing Every Day

New Finds - rainbow climber earrings

I’ve always been a fan of a smaller earring because they’re perfect for the mostly-casual dressing I do daily (read: alllll the athleisure and jean shorts), but I’ve only recently started wearing ear climbers, and let me say. OBSESSED.

I’ve been wearing these rainbow climbers (Happy Pride month!) nonstop since I got them a couple months ago. They go with everything, and I love the pop of color they bring to the rotating collection of 4,000 t-shirts that I wear constantly.

(Seriously. My sister came over the other day and actually said, “I have never seen so many t-shirts in one person’s closet.” What can I say? I’m lazy. Or let’s just call it a “classic” dresser.)

New Finds - rainbow climber earrings

Unfortunately I can’t find this exact pair, but I found some other similar pairs that are just as cute!

All I Do is Talk

…or maybe it just feels that way.

I’ve been recording tons of new episodes for my podcast, and I’ve gotta say, I’m super excited to bring you guys these new interviews.

A couple weeks ago I dove into all sorts of hormone, thyroid, and wellness talk with the incredible neurologist and speaker, Dr. Romie Mushtaq, and this week I’m interviewing the founder of a personal styling company that’s redefining the way people dress. After that, it’s the founder of an incredible online community for moms.

But this week? We bring back my better half, baby.

Andrew’s episode is, by far, the most listened-to episode of my podcast so far. And if you liked all the juiciness of the last episode, you will love the dysfunction we are dishing out on this week’s episode. Let’s just say Andrew came into the studio with guns blazing. I almost ran away from the microphone for a hot second.

But seriously, I’m a touch nervous to bring him onto the show and open up this otherwise pretty personal part of my life, but clearly the audience can’t get enough Andrew. So Andrew they’ll get. Taking applications for his fan club president starting now.

A New Favorite Clothing Line

New Finds - mom crop top

Have you ever checked out the brand Buru? Their tagline is, “Mom. Life. Styled.” And the whole idea behind the pieces in this absolutely adorable and shockingly-affordable brand is that clothing should be: 1) cute to wear, and 2) simple to take care of, i.e. washable.

For those of us who spend a decent portion of our days chasing/caring for/wiping the butts of other tiny humans, that last part is HUGE.

I just shot a bunch of favorite looks and outfits from the brand, and I can’t wait to bring that to you guys soon!


Other than that, it’s been the standard high-functioning shit show around here. A couple of summer camps here… a trip or two there… and my sanity, lost somewhere along the way. But lots of summertime snuggles.

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