Life Around Here

So. Much. Happening.

So much, in fact, that I can’t even come up with a wittier intro to this post than that.

Let’s get on with it! Here’s what’s been happening around these parts lately…

The Graduate

Our son graduated VPK. I would normally have all sorts of sentimental and reflective things to say about this, but I’m currently too busy mopping up tears from my keyboard.

Moving on…

All Moved In

We are in our new house! And we have about a thousand moving box carcasses to prove it! Still working on completely unpacking, but we will get there. You know, in about ten more months…

Just a note, I will be posting some more pictures of the house in the weeks to come, but we are waiting on some last-minute fixes and additions before we shoot. As they say in TV, stay tuned!…

Speaking of TV…

…I was so honored and excited to appear on air at my old station as a “mom blogger” (that term still gives me a little bit of the ick’s), talking about two topics–end of school year burnout (SO REAL), and parents letting their kids win at board games.

On these topics, I have these things to say:

1 – Given that the past three weeks have included all of the following–a move with three young kids; several stomach viruses; daily commutes to and from school at 45 minutes each and the first birthday of our youngest, I will just say, on the topic of “end-of-school-year burnout,” GAWD IT’S REAL. And yes, that was me the other day asking a total stranger to take a picture of my kids on their last day of school (you know, for the whole side-by-side comparison thing) because I forgot to bring my phone into pickup.

I’m giving free lessons on great parenting. Line starts here.

2 – Re: Letting your kids win at board games? I do sometimes, then I don’t. Recently, I haven’t been. Let’s just say my son isn’t so fond of losing at Soggy Doggy.

Should I go easier on the kid? Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyhow, here is the video clip if you want to watch! And side note: Looking at this video I realize that my oh my, my hair has grown… I’m verging on Pocahontas territory, which is all well and good if you are a Goddess of the Wood, but is it good for a 36-year-old mom? Hmm… I’m going to get back to you on this.

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