Little Traveler

You know what one of the coolest things about babies is?

You know, besides them being adorable, squishy, always happy to see you, and the fact that they love to chew on your knuckles while they’re teething and therefore kind of feel like little baby lions?

They’re portable.

Like, you can take babies just about anywhere (and we have so far), and as long as they’re with you, they’re happy. It’s actually quite endearing. (And so much better than the teenage years, where—from what I understand—they are bound to find every excuse in the universe to not hang out with you.)

So let’s all agree that we will bring our lovely babies with us wherever we can, while we can. Mmmkay?

If any of your travels involve leaving the comfort of your house and nursery, I have the perfect solution for the whole, “But where does my baby actually sleep while she is traveling with me?”

Here’s where! The Graco Pack ‘n Play. (Also: It’s on MAJOR sale. Scroll down for more.)

The whole setup. Find it here!
Breaking it down
Super portable. (This is the Everest model.)
Baby in the play yard

Anyone who’s ever had a kid and left their house—and heck, even while they’re in their houses—use this to keep baby nearby while she is relaxing.

As we all know, I’m sort of a minimalist when it comes to preparing for baby. (This is the result of having three kids and learning to boil it down to just the basics.) But of the things that I strongly recommend new parents have in their arsenal, this is at the top of the list. It’s simply the best way to travel with a baby, period.

Graco’s new Pack ‘n Play Everest Playard is majorly upgraded, too. The lounger is portable, so you can bring baby in closer to you; the fabric is wipe-able (HELLO, DIAPER BLOWOUTS); and this one even has vibrations to help soothe the baby while she’s in the lounger! Oh, and did I mention that it’s also easy to pack up and bring with you, wherever you go?

Something I really love about this new model is that you have storage space for wipes and diapers right there next to the changing station, too.

And you can also take out the carrier (which nests into the top of the placard) and use it separately!

The bassinet is removable and easily comes out to be used on its own

And the coolest thing is that this model is on sale for a whopping 30% off RIGHT NOW!

Click here to check out all the color options, and use the code CELEBRATE30 at checkout.

Graco is celebrating 30 years, and I can’t think of a better way to try out one of their most-loved products than by hopping in on this deal.

If the Everest isn’t your style, here are the other playard options from Graco, and yes, those too are 30% off! This deal ends October 31 at 11:59pm ET, so pass on the good word to all the mamas you know!

This post is generously sponsored by Graco and ShopStyle. We are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate companies we believe in!

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