Lord (and Lady) of the Rings

I tend to be a real holdout when it comes to new technologies. Early adopter, I am not.

I’m the guy who swore allegiance to the BlackBerry and refused to believe that this little gadget called the “iPhone” would never catch on. (I’ll pause while you laugh.) I though my little mini keyboard and I would live happily ever after, tap-tapping into the sunset of the 21st century, and that we’d look back and laugh at those troubled times known as the “touch screen era.”


So when it came to the Apple Watch—or any other “smart” watch—I wasn’t exactly eager to try that technology either. Like, ever. My husband, however, is always on top of the latest technology, and had tried a couple iterations of the older Apple Watch himself.

When my birthday came around this year and the first words out of his mouth were, “I took a little bit of a chance with your gift this year…” I kind of held my breath until I opened the bag. Inside, my first Apple Watch.

So, what I like about my newest gadget?

1 – Keeping in touch in just the right amount

I can leave my phone in the car for short trips into the store, coffee shop, etc. It’s a very freeing feeling to know that if someone calls, I can still pick up. If someone texts, I can still reply. And if an important email comes in, I can still read it.

What I can’t do is endlessly scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed while we are in line at Starbucks, effectively ignoring my children and making them feel inadvertently unimportant in any way. I think lots of parents can relate to this situation–being needlessly distracted by technology is just not a good thing, any way you slice it.

2 – Style

I like the fact that I can switch out the band depending on if I’m dressed casually or fancy. While I wouldn’t wear it to a black tie function, it does pair surprisingly well with most going-out looks that I wear. So, yes. Style.

See? Not entirely tragic when paired with non-athletic clothing.

3 – Keeping track of my fitness

This. So much this.

Look, I’m not a fitness fanatic or someone who is all “FLEX FRIDAY!!!” but you guys? Keeping track of what I’m actually doing every day? Kind of awesome.

These little rings? THESE DAMN RINGS.

I am becoming ever so slightly obsessed with “closing my rings” every day, and it is an addiction that I am quite enjoying.

So, backstory. You set fitness goals on the Fitness part of the Apple Watch, and as you go about your day approaching those set goals, the rings close. The outside one is walking, the middle is exercise and the inside one is standing.

I set my goals as such:

Fitness: Burn 500 calories

Exercise: 30 minutes

Stand: 12 hours

I will give you one guess as to which one I accomplish every. blessed. day, and the others that I currently struggle with.

Yep. The Standing. Mama’s got the standing down pat, apparently. That’s what happens when your life revolves around the five-foot radius around your kitchen sink as you make meals, clean up meals, and start more meals for two tiny people. So standing–good shape.

With exercise, when I do my barre classes, I hit that goal, but that’s not every day. And the Fitness circle? It’s a bit of a challenge to hit that one daily, too.

But no matter what I accomplish, this whole Close-Your-Circle thing is kinda, dare I say, fun.

That, and it’s inspired a whole new genre of text messages between me and Andrew:

In sum? I will close the damn Walking ring if it’s the last thing I do.

That is all.

How do you stay motivated with fitness? Do you rely on any gadgets to inspire you? Let me know in Comments below!

P.S. Super simple ways to get back on the road toward healthy living, and being grateful for where your body is, right this very moment.

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