The Coolest Makeup Applicator You Haven’t Heard About: The Makeup Drop Review

“I heard it’s better than the Beautyblender.”

Those words alone, uttered by the head of the PR agency running The Makeup Show Orlando, were enough to send me pushing through aisles of lipstick-stained makeup hounds in search of The Makeup Drop booth.

As anyone who uses foundation regularly knows, application is just as important as the formula you’re using. If you don’t put it on right, it won’t look good.

So. The Makeup Drop.

It’s a teardrop-shaped applicator made of antimicrobial silicone that can we wiped clean (no soaps necessary) for daily use, and you can use it not only for liquid foundation application, but also for liquid blushes, bronzers and even lipsticks.

All that greatness in one package sounds impossible, but apparently the Seemingly Impossible Happening is very much the norm these days. (See: Presidential election, Mama June’s weight loss, my recent purchasing of a minivan.)

The pros? In addition to not having to wash it, you also end up using less product because your foundation doesn’t soak into brush fibers or a sponge.

So I took the little guy for a test spin. The results?

A couple warnings before you view this video:

1 – No Makeup Face will be seen.

2 – Expect kid interruptions.

3 – Majorly bush league-style editing. (Read: No editing whatsoever. iMovie novice here. Hello, nice to meet you!)

And all that is to say nothing of my yellow-and-green manicure that was done by my two-year-old mere minutes before the taping of this review.

So. Yes. Very unglamorous. But you’re here to hear about The Makeup Drop anyway, right? 😀

Roll tape!

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