Marie Kondo Closet Makeover (Part Two)

After all that "Sparking Joy" analysis, finally you're ready to enjoy your cleaned-out space. Here's mine!

After all that “sparking joy” analysis with the KonMari Method, chances are you are ready to enjoy your freshly-decluttered space. I know I am! Sre you ready for the After Pictures?

If you read Part One of my Marie Kondo closet makeover, you know that I got a ton–like, seven garbage bags full–of clothing out, ready to donate.

Now let’s get to the good part and show you the result of my hours of work–the pictures!

First, the hanging clothes

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

In the picture below, the items on the far left are my long pieces–things like jumpsuits and long dresses that need extra room to hang. Regardless of style or color, they all hang together in that one spot because they need the space.

Other hanging items (pictured below) are arranged first by sleeve length, then by color. I also store extra hangers in the closet so I can grab them quickly if needed.

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta
Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta
Hanging items are arranged first by sleeve length, then by color–going from light to dark

Next, the Pants

Although some people choose to fold or roll their pants, I prefer hanging mine. I hang two pants per hanger and keep the jeans and dressier pants grouped together.

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

The Shoes

The shoes! The shoes. Let’s talk about these next, shall we?

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

When I was Instagram Story-ing (Is that a word? It is now.) my closet cleanout, this was the part that got the most questions by far. And why? Well, these handy-dandy little shoe space savers, that’s why. They’re GENIUS.

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

These shoe space savers are great for several reasons:

  • They let you store your shoes in pairs
  • They maximize shoe storage space
  • They also prevent your (dirty) soles from touching the shelving surface.

Anyone else a MAJOR freak when it comes to shoe germs in the home? … Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta
Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta


Sweater Storage

There are several reasons I don’t like to hang all my sweaters:

  • They’re bulky and take up a lot of hanging space
  • Living in Florida, I don’t need access to cold-weather clothing too frequently
  • The heavy fabrics pull on the hanger, making those weird pointy things on the shoulders

That’s why I decided to store my sweaters by rolling them up and putting them into a deep plastic box.

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

As a bonus, I put these rose-scented sachets in the storage bins so when I open it up and wear my sweaters, they have a faint but beautiful scent.

Now, let’s talk drawers…

Next, let’s talk about clothing that’s stored in drawers. Not everything hangs! For these items, Kondo recommends rolling your clothing in a specific way.

This is a peek at my leggings and other casual pants. Ideally, I would keep it only one layer deep, so I could see everything in one glance, but I have two rows here, one stacked on top of the other, because #leggingsaddict and all.

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

Bag Storage

Finally, let’s talk purses. I am not a purse addict. I like a curated collection of usable bags for several different occasions, and I rotate between them. So don’t consider this advice for anyone who’s a real accessories maven, because that I am not.

But chances are, even if your collection is similarly small, you might want to consider a similar method so that you can have your most-used bags on hand and visible.

As you can see, I like to keep one tote bag, a couple hand bags and several clutches available for a quick grab. Anything else that I wouldn’t typically use gets stored in another clear plastic box stored in the back corner of the closet (underneath some hanging clothes).

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta
Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

The Extras

Since my closet is a place where I not only get dressed, but also quite often work (I record my podcast here! I’d be honored if you’d check it out and even subscribe!), I like to create an ambiance of peace and relaxation.

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

I always have family pictures and some scented candles nearby so I can really zone out and get productive.

My favorite scents are by Voluspa; I always have at least two nearby!

Marie Kondo closet makeover sonni abatta

Shop Divine Scents


Have you used any tips from Marie Kondo and her KonMari Method to clean out your spaces? What do you think? Let me know in Comments below!

6 thoughts on “Marie Kondo Closet Makeover (Part Two)”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Sonni!! It is a tremendous help!! Btw, for us ‘Burghers, there’s a YouTube on how to hang folded sweaters.

  2. Hey Barbara! Thanks so much!! That’s good to know… If you have the space for hanging, that’s a good option too, so you can see what you have!

  3. I love your closet! So neat & organized. I need show shelves like yours. It looks beautiful
    Sonni! Great job…..💜

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