Meet FOX News’ Kristin Fisher, a Mom Who’s Truly Doing It All

Kristin Fisher

I kind of–read: majorly–hate the phrase “doing it all,” but sometimes you meet a woman who really is doing just that. Meet FOX News’ Kristin Fisher.

In the latest episode of my podcast, I talk with Kristin about what it’s like to balance an insanely-demanding job–she’s a Washington-based correspondent with FOX–with marriage and motherhood.

And Kristin has a pretty good role model when it comes to multitasking women. Her mother, astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, was the first mom in space. I mean, how insane would that be on Take Your Child to Work Day?! 😂

I’m so, so excited for you to hear this episode with Kristin because she is proof that badass women make the world go ’round, and it’s just a bonus when they happen to be mothers too.

In this episode of 30 Something, I talk with Kristin about what it’s like to work these two pretty important jobs, all while still trying to take care of herself.

And Kristin has has a pretty incredible role model when it comes to watching a working mom who did it all. Her mother, quite literally, is out of this world. As the first mother in space, Anna Lee Fisher went to work–wait for it–THREE DAYS after giving birth to Kristin, to assure her place on the space mission would be confirmed. (Guys, she even brought her DONUT to work to sit on, she’s that committed. I bow down.)

All of that grit and drive rubbed off on Kristin, who’s now navigating her way through motherhood with her own mom’s help and wisdom.

In this episode, we talk:

  • Life as a national TV news reporter
  • What it’s like to travel and parent
  • Can working moms really have it all?
  • Advice for anyone interested in working in television news
  • Why everyone looking for a job in media needs to be a self-starter
  • Kristin’s favorite beauty products for on-air (and off!)
  • What it’s like getting stuck in a hotel in North Korea with Kim Jong Un. THIS IS NOT A TYPO. Insane story!

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Enjoy the episode! And find more on Kristin on her IG Page here.

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