Meet Sonni

I think the best way to know “About Me” is to know about some of the things I do, and also some of the things I love.

That pretty much encompasses everything, right?

So here goes.

Here's What I Do

I was born (didn’t actually do that one, per se, but thanks Mom) in Pittsburgh to a sometimes-crazy but always-loving Italian-American family. My first friends were my sister and my cousins.

To this day, I value family time more than anything on Earth.

I went to college at Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied writing and drama.

I got my first job in television at 19 while I was still in school, doing a high school sports show. I started my first full-time job in television news at 21 and worked for another incredible and rewarding 13 years after that. It was my dream job, one for which I’ll forever be grateful.

Then I quit working in TV news because… well, mainly because I was tired. I quit because while I loved every part of my job, the schedule wreaked a little too much havoc on our family for a little too long, and I relented.

And you know what? I am happier than I thought I could ever be, right here in my new space.

I met my husband and fell in love in Orlando, and I now call this wonderful city home.

We have three kids—three incredible, relentless, adorable and tiring kids who I make a point to literally smother with kisses every day. I don’t have the words to tell you how lovely their little souls are to me, but sometimes I try in my writing to capture some of our special moments.

They and my husband are my world.

Also, we are currently building a house. While this is fabulous and a real hoot, I would not advise anyone to make a baby and a house in the same year. (Just saying.) But I am looking forward to giving you all a peek at our new home as it goes up; stay tuned!

Here's What I LOVE

I love my family. I love our journey together that keeps evolving and changing.

I love food, especially carbs. Please don’t ever come at me with the “Low Carb is Healthier for You” line, because I cannot be responsible for the damage I will cause when I throw a bagel at your head.

I love to write. And I write for many reasons: I write to document. I write to preserve—both memories and feelings. I write to share. I write to inspire.

I write because it is my first passion in life, and because I believe our stories are our selves. I believe when we share our stories, we are stronger for it, and more compassionate for it. I write so that maybe you’ll write back, and tell me a little bit about yourself, or share your story with someone else.

I believe that writing the right things can change people, and in turn change the world.

Which brings me to my next love: I love sharing. And my kids are a big part of the reason why.

I find myself constantly shocked by the Bigness of Motherhood. The weight of it. The beauty of it that both builds and breaks you. I screw up a lot at it, and it is somehow the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but God, I love it. That dichotomy fascinates me and inspires so much of my writing.

And talking with all of you about all of this gives my soul life. I believe if we keep our conversations going, we have some real power to help people and to change people for the better.

I also believe that maybe this “About Me” is getting a little too sappy.

The truth is, there are lots of sides to me, and I hope that my love of family and style and food and even some of the superficial things like beauty products will inspire you just a little bit, right here on this blog.

Anyhow, that’s my short (long?) story. I’m always discovering new things about myself and the world around me, and this is where I’ll be putting it all.

Hang out for a while with me here! Let’s be friends!

Hope you enjoy my story and would love to hear yours, too.