The Road to Babies Leads through Orlando

Yep. That picture is pretty much me for the next 3 weeks. Nope. No baby yet. But… there is another huge thing happening soon and in town…

The Mother of All Baby Showers (MOABS) is coming to town! And they’re bringing with them a TON of cool products and advice for moms, moms-to-be and their partners.

How is this event different from other major baby events you may have attended in the past? Well, for one, it’s adults only (I would raise a glass to this if I could drink alcohol); it features both local and national companies and their new product launches; and most importantly, it’s done in a low-stress, high-fun atmosphere.

Founder Amy Lundy, a mom of 3, wanted a different vibe than other events:

“We don’t judge, we don’t upsell. We want everyone to come, learn, laugh and walk away with new confidence around parenting.”

Sounds pretty good to me.

So mark your calendars, friends! The MOABS is happening this Friday, May 5, at the Orlando Science Center, and what’s even better is, you get a TON of stuff just for going!

*  Food and drinks

*  Mini spa treatments

*  $20k in giveaways (including nursery items, baby gear, spa treatments and more)

*  Meet reps from trusted and new companies

*  Special coupon offers

*  Educational sessions

*  Keynote speech from Maria Bailey, host of Mom Talk Radio, and entrepreneur. Read more on Maria here!

And what’s even better than better? You can get in FREE!

Just CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and use the code “Sonni” to get a free general admission ticket!

Feeling fancy? Want a few extra goodies? Purchase a VIP ticket using the same “Sonni” code and get $15 off (so you’ll pay $60 instead of $75), and you get:

Baby K’tan diaper bag (styles may vary)

Baby Jack & Co. Lovey

1-month membership to Orlando kids’ play lounge, Amaya Papaya (My kids and I love this place!)

Official MOABS swag bag

All valued at $300+!


Are you as excited as I am? And–assuming I don’t go into labor–I’ll be there too! I can’t wait to see you all!

Check out more on the Mother of All Baby Showers here, and see you soon!

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