To me, it all boils down to this: strength in storytelling

I believe we all end up a little stronger when we share our stories about this hardest—and best—journey of life called motherhood. Here you’ll find my thoughts, experiences and interviews with experts to help us all muddle through these crazy beautiful days.


Here's What I Want C-Section Moms to Know

I was recently reminded that April is C-Section Awareness Month. In this incredibly common procedure, though, there can lie so much disappointment. I know, because with my first birth, which was an emergency C-section, that was the case with me.

So This is What It Feels Like to Be a Human Again

I’ve been a kid factory for years now. Between the pregnancies (3 in 5 years), and nursing (these boobs have been at it for a total of FOUR YEARS WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL), the long-term physical impact adds up.

toddler running

Mom Truth: Being a Working Mom Saved My Life

I’ve been through every iteration of “Working Mom.” I’ve been the full-time working mom. I’ve been the stay-at-home mom. And now I’m the work-from-home mom. While each is challenging, coming with its own set of positives and negatives, there is one truth when I reflect back on my experience as a whole.

My Favorite Things About Being a Boy Mom

Motherhood is crazy in so many ways. You find a way to get by on less–much less–sleep than you ever needed before. You learn that you have so much more physical strength than you ever thought. You lose your temper, you lose yourself a bit, too; but you also find joy. So much joy in so many little moments. Lately, as my son has been playing around the house, I’ve noticed just how much of a big boy he’s becoming. Of course in my head he’ll always be my baby (and I make sure to remind him of this with More