To me, it all boils down to this: strength in storytelling

I believe we all end up a little stronger when we share our stories about this hardest—and best—journey of life called motherhood. Here you’ll find my thoughts, experiences and interviews with experts to help us all muddle through these crazy beautiful days.

My Favorite Things About Being a Boy Mom

Motherhood is crazy in so many ways. You find a way to get by on less–much less–sleep than you ever needed before. You learn that you have so much more physical strength than you ever thought. You lose your temper, you lose yourself a bit, too; but you also find joy. So much joy in so many little moments. Lately, as my son has been playing around the house, I’ve noticed just how much of a big boy he’s becoming. Of course in my head he’ll always be my baby (and I make sure to remind him of this with More

Working Moms Should Watch This Show

If You're a Working Mom, You Need to Watch this Show

The one upside to being laid up with the Bubonic Plague Part II is that you’re forced to sit down during the day. This is decidedly NOT part of the normal routine, so I fully took advantage of my 101-degree fever and static state last week to binge on Netflix.

Unpopular Opinion: I Miss Being Pregnant

This isn’t something I have shared, maybe ever, because the popular consensus seems to be that Oh my gosh being pregnant is THE WORST. (See: All the weight gain; all the weird boob stuff; all the peeing ALL the time, etc etc etc). But every once in a while, I feel it. I miss being pregnant.

IV Therapy Could Be the Next Best Thing to Coffee for Tired Moms

I was a late adopter of coffee. I know, weird, right? For years I went just for unsweetened green tea, and not even because I needed caffeine boost, but because I enjoyed it. Then I had kids and I was like, Okay, all the coffee right now please and thank you. Well now I am happy to report there is one thing that might be the next best thing to coffee for tired moms. And that is IV Therapy.

Why Are We Failing Our Girls

Why Are We Failing Our Girls?

See this? This is a picture I snapped today of a little girl’s lunchbox that I saw for sale at a popular department store. Why do I say it’s marketed toward little girls? It’s pink, it has sequins and it was surrounded by other girls’ merchandise. So, safe to say that it’s aimed at our daughters.

mom friends

The Best Kind of Mom Friends

Isn’t it the best when you connect with other mom friends you can share those candid moments of motherhood with? You know which moments I’m talking about–the imperfect ones.

This One Tip Makes Our School Mornings So Much Easier

I’m no math genius, but if I had to guess, I make somewhere between 356,712 and 554,925 decisions per day as a mom. And when it comes to school mornings, let’s just say I’m in need of any simplifying tips I can get.

My Workspace Essentials

If there is one guaranteed way to make my kids stop in their tracks–whatever they’re doing, however far from me, in whatever location in the entire Milky Way–and find their way to me to demand my immediate attention, it is to have me sit down and attempt to work. So when one has to be productive in short, intense bursts, you’ve got to make your workspace just right.