The Motherhood Series, Part Two

Like snowflakes, like fingerprints, and like trips to Target with multiple toddlers, no two motherhood experiences are the same.

Continuing our Motherhood Series (you can check out Part One here), this time we hear from two other women on what motherhood revealed to them.

In all the good and the challenging, we celebrate you, mamas! Happy Mother’s Day!

Sara, mom of Violet (4) and Lucia (2):

“Being a mom, I’m surprised at the new life that’s been breathed into long-standing relationships with other people, who also happen to be parents. Also, since being pregnant with my first, making so many fast friends and quick connections pretty much anywhere in public, over the common connection of the so ordinary yet extraordinary making of a new human.”

Jess, mom of Crosby (5):

“Something I never thought I’d feel or imagined feeling is the lack of support for mothers. In the work place, amongst peers, amongst friends, and amongst the other mothers you meet along the way. I had secretly always hoped it would be some sort of sisterhood of the traveling pants, but 5 and a half years in I’m sorely mistaken. I wish we judged each other less, supported each other more, and appreciated the diversity of our house holds and celebrated each other more instead of keep score on an imaginary score board.”

Lizzie, mom of Lola (3):

“Something I never knew until I became a mom was how much I used to love long, hot showers.  I have kissed those goodbye for now, and hope they will return one day VERY VERY soon.

Something I never knew until I became a mom was how strong my gag reflex really is.  Poop, puke, snot, and chewed up food have all had to be cleaned up… and the good news? I didn’t gag once!

On a serious note, I never knew it was possible to have my heart walking around on the outside of my body.  I never knew I could feel this much love for another being.”


I would absolutely love to hear about what becoming a mom meant to you–the good, the bad and the funny! Leave your thoughts below, and see you soon!


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