MVMT Computer Glasses Review

MVMT Computer Glasses Review

I feel like I should start off this post by telling you that I sort of pioneered the non-ironic wearing of round glasses frames.

There was a long period in my youth when I sported–wait for it–green tortoiseshell round-frame glasses… with gold stars on the corners.

Today, this would be FASHUN. Back then, it was straight-up necessity.

But youthful fashion blunders aside, let’s talk glasses for a moment in the current space. What I mean is, glasses that aren’t designed to assist in vision, but instead to help keep your eyes healthy.

Computer glasses aren’t a new thing, not by a stretch. But lately, lots of companies are cashing in, knowing how much time we all spend behind screens.

There are several companies who have been making their own versions for a while, all with the same goal–to help protect our eyes from the constant exposure to blue light from devices. Blue light can degrade eye health over time.

And with the amount of screen-gazing I do daily, I thought it might be a good idea to invest in some glasses that can counteract all the blue my little peepers take in.

I grabbed up these MVMT for Women computer glasses on sale late last year, and have been testing them on and off while working in the months since. Here are my thoughts!

MVMT Computer Glasses Review by Sonni Abatta

MVMT Computer Glasses Review

When Do I Use Them?

If I have a marathon writing session, I bring these guys along. That means I’m wearing them if I am behind the screen for an hour or more.

I leave them right near my work station at home so they’re always nearby for my long working days.

How Do They Work?

Long story short? These glasses help to filter the blue light that’s present in computer and smartphone screens, therefore reducing eye strain.

Practically speaking, they can also eliminate screen glare.

So… Why Would I Need Them Anyway?

You might see these as just another attempt for companies to market an accessory, but that’s far from the whole story.

Since overexposure to blue light can be linked to retina damage and an increased risk of macular degeneration, these lenses are much more than just fashionable.

Are they worth it?

To me, absolutely.

Let me explain.

If you’re not experiencing eye strain or don’t have any concerns about preserving your eye health long-term, you may not feel the need to get a designated pair of glasses to block blue light. For example, if your computer work is limited to a short period of time or you find yourself taking frequent breaks while working to rest your eyes, you probably don’t need them.

But if you’re logging serious hours at a desk, you might want to give them a try. And moreover, if you have any reasons to be concerned about your eye health, they may also be worth a buy.

Since our family has a history of macular degeneration, I’m starting to take my eye health more seriously, and this is an easy step to take that makes me feel a little bit better about all the screen-gazing I do daily.

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to switch up your look–or maybe just bring back your badass third-grade street style–these guys are totally worth the purchase.

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MVMT Computer Glasses Review by Sonni Abatta

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