My Favorite Florida-Based Brands for Clothing and Accessories

Even though I’m a Pittsburgh girl at heart, I’ve been here in Florida for the past ten years now. And I think I’ve finally turned the corner where I’m starting to feel like this is home, too.

It definitely felt more like home since all of my kids were born here. Add to that the fact that my sister and her family are here, and my husband and his family are too… it all adds up to a lot more Florida in my heart.

Here are some Favorite Florida-based brands that I’ve fallen in love with—some based right here in Orlando!—that I think you’ll love too.

BEST resort bags ever, hands down.

When I’m traveling or running out with some girlfriends for dinner, I want a bag that’s small enough to easily tote around (my daily bag is a backpack, which should give you an indication of how much crap I carry around daily). And these bags are not only that perfect sweet spot for size, but they’re also so chic. And since company founder (and my friend!) Helen and her team are always switching up their patterns, they’re unique too!

I have the BFF Envelope in black and gold, and guys, I carry this thing ALL THE TIME for events and nights out. I personally think black and gold go well with just about any color combination or pattern (also, it hearkens back to my Pittsburgh roots, which I’m not mad at). 

And one bonus—because I know I can personally beat up a bag big time—it’s sturdy and holds up to wear and tear if you’re tossing it onto a booth at a restaurant or bar.

wknd wyfr tote
My Favorite Florida-Based Brands for Clothing and Accessories

I also just got the larger tote (seen above), which I’ve been using for beach weekends and just to carry around the kids’ stuff when we head out the door quickly.

Helen personally designs the patterns and works with manufacturers in India to perfect them. I seriously adore her, and these products. They’d make the perfect gift for the holidays for a girlfriend or your mom!

wknd wyfr sunglasses
They also make sunglasses!

For guys and girls!

My Favorite Florida-Based Brands for Clothing and Accessories freehand goods t shirts

I wore their Orlando t-shirt in an Instagram post a while back and got so many questions about where it was from, and this is it!

All of Freehand Goods’ designs are hand drawn, and they change up quite a bit. So if you see a design you like, snag it!

I buy the men’s shirts in a small, because I like them a little looser so I can French tuck them into some jeans. Again, I feel like this would be an amazing holiday gift for someone in your life who’s got a Florida connection. This design is currently one of my favorites.

If you’re looking for some good stocking stuffers for the men in your life, they make grooming and personal care products, too. I bought my husband the after-shave lotion for Christmas last year, and not only is it great, but the artistic label looks 100 on our bathroom counter, too.

Best Mom Basics

Currently in my cart

This isn’t an Orlando-based brand per se, but it is based in Florida! I first discovered The Apparel House a couple years ago through my photographer who also works with the owner. 

Here’s what you need to know about their stuff: Think classic with a touch of trend; chic; and WASHABLE.

You know this if you have kids…. Shit gets on you when you are doing stuff throughout the day. I mean literally, and metaphorically. How many times have I gotten some sort of stain on my clothing when changing a diaper, or making a snack, or just going about my day? SO MANY TIMES.

Now I only buy clothing that I can wash in my own home. No dry cleaning for me. And this fits the bill.

On top of all of that, she’s always getting in new goodies, and most of the items are super affordable. A definite must-follow on IG to see what she’s got in stock!


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    1. Hey Sophie! So glad you enjoyed the post. I really take pride in actually using and researching anything before I post about it, so this one was so fun for me. 🙂 And yes, they also happen to be affordable too, so bonus!

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