My Favorite Things About Being a Boy Mom

Motherhood is crazy in so many ways. You find a way to get by on less–much less–sleep than you ever needed before. You learn that you have so much more physical strength than you ever thought. You lose your temper, you lose yourself a bit, too; but you also find joy. So much joy in so many little moments.

Lately, as my son has been playing around the house, I’ve noticed just how much of a big boy he’s becoming. Of course in my head he’ll always be my baby (and I make sure to remind him of this with a hug, to which he responds with a laugh and a okay Mom enough look), but there’s no denying that one truism of parenting: Time flies.

And given the fact that I’m soaking up as much of these little moments with my not-so-little guy as I can, it gave me occasion to think about all the wonderful, breathtaking things that come along with being a boy mom. Things I never knew I was going to experience, but that I can say without a doubt are the lights of my universe.

I could go on (and on and on), but here are some things I love the most about having a son.


He’s a little more low maintenance

Okay okay, so I may be jumping on the Stereotype Bandwagon here, but forgive me. It’s been my experience, at least, that my son is much less emotionally high-maintenance than my daughters. (No judgment! I’m a female, after all, and I love my girls just the same!)

But boys can be beautifully (and helpfully) less complicated when it comes to matters of the heart. My son seems to accept my decisions much more readily–with at least eight follow-up questions, yes–but without a cascade of tears.

He’s easier to dress!

I consider myself moderately fashion-challenged. The blessing about having a boy is that dressing them is so easy! Shorts and a t-shirt. BOOM. And if it has Mario or the Ninja Turtles on it? Even better.

I See His Dad in Him (so much)… and it’s kinda adorable

I’m not talking just his physical traits (though, WHOA, yes). I’m talking about watching my son absorb and adopt all the sweet things I see my husband do on a regular basis: hold doors for people (even with the requisite, “Ladies first!”).

Then there’s his new love of visiting his guys-only barber shop, where seeing him tucked into a giant cape on a tall booster seat actually melts my heart on the spot.

And then there are his regular proclamations that, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!”, prompted usually by things like eating two lollipops or swinging super high on the playground swing.

I MEAN. I would ask if it gets any sweeter than this but I already know the answer.

He Says the Funniest Things

From deciphering the meaning of death to pondering his own sleep habits, the kid is a walking Best-Of Reel. It’s impossible to recount all the cute things he’s said over the years, but every time he says something that is worth remembering, I email it to myself. Without fail, re-reading those missives on a rainy day brings a smile to my face. Kids really do say the darnedest things.


Let me hear from all my other fellow boy moms out there! What do YOU love the best about having a little man in your life?

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